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12 Sweet Memes To Start Your Day Off Right

Diply 17 Oct 2017

For my money, there's no better way to start your day than with a big ol' bowl of crunchy memes. The recommended serving according to most doctors is around a dozen or so — and hey, mom, they're nutritious, too!

With a side of milk and some fruit, memes are a part of this balanced breakfast.


1. This is me, like, every friggin' night.

Reddit | JakeDaDerp

I mean, staying up late in general, not necessarily this video. Although, now that I've read the title, I'm definitely loading that up!

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2. Making plans is the worst — be your own best friend, I say!

Reddit | Holofan4life

Her setup is 100% awesome. It's pretty much what the internet is like anyway, but in 3D!

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3. I like this new spin on what's now a pretty classic meme.

Reddit | GrandMasterSubZero

No matter what the context is, I never fail to laugh at that dude's face. "Oooh, hell yeah."

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4. I literally had this conversation last week.

Instagram | @boywithnojob

I really don't know what else to tell ya, ma! Yes, I'm still kind of a bum. No, I don't know when that'll change.

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5. This is basically the work that I have to do every day.

Reddit | stratford235

I'm sure you guys will find something to be offended by in here, right? Come on, lemme have it!

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6. Some days, I feel like Rabbit, but most days, I'm definitely Tigger.

Imgur | RedNapster

That is the saddest look I think an IRL cartoon mascot has ever given a camera. SOMEONE HUG HIM!

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7. This is what real punk rock looks like.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

Yeeeah! That's some hardcore stuff right there. You can't tell me what to do, even if you're telling me to not do things!

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8. This response is probably used in, like, 98% of my social interactions.

Instagram | @boywithnojob

Really, sometimes there's just not much else you can say. Just shake your head up and down, "Damn, bro."

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9. This woman's got the right idea.

Imgur | spacelizard142

Look, I ain't in this for the shenanigans. I'm here over eight hours a day, so just take the pic and get on with it!

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10. What a perfectly patient pupper! 

Imgur | DiscountUsername

I guess it was too big for a carry-on. Actually, I'm kind of surprised the airline didn't end up losing the thing. They're the worst.

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11. Here's a little comedy tip: Just add some Beans!

Imgur | MohAki1

Others will judge you, but they just don't understand your art. I say to go wild and put Mr. Bean on everything!

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12. And if all else fails, make friends with the birds.

Reddit | emersonic420

Well, it worked for her, at least! Oh, bird queen, you will forever have my allegiance. Until I get crapped on.

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