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23 People Dwelling In The Valley Of Thirst

Diply 11 May 2017

In case you don't know what thirst is, it's when someone's desperately looking for some action or attention. People who are thirsty are often found sliding into DMs, making crude remarks, and sending unsolicited pictures. Here are some folks who prove that the thirst is real. Someone get these people a drink!

1. What a curve.

Reddit | hippolove

He said he didn't care, and he got exactly what he asked for! He needs to be a little more specific next time.

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2. Persistence is key. 

Reddit | MarkDG

Keep it up, bud. I'm sure she'll respond one of these days...

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3. The only proper way to handle this question.

Imgur | HerrWombat

Pictures of Steve Buscemi would have also been accepted.

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4. It gets great gas mileage too!

Instagram | @unpasturizedmilk

At least her ex could reach stuff on the top shelf for her.

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5. That's what I like to sea.

Reddit | daltronator

Talk nautical to me. I'd definitely fall for someone if they sent this to me.

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6. Rejected.

Twitter | @Andersondamian_

Ohh she doesn't have Twi... Wait a minute. Then how'd she...?

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7. It doesn't get much sadder than this.

Imgur | kittysprankles

Although maybe it does because the other day I woke up cuddling tacos after I fell asleep eating. That's fine right?

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8. Too soon.

Reddit | NiceLaser

Players will take any opportunity they can to hit on a girl. Like, seriously dude?!

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9. The worst kind of person.

Imgur | Blaperman

"Hey baby. You up? What are you doing right now? Can I come over?"

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10. Parenting done right.

Imgur | IHeardItThroughTheGrapevine

Does the "Dad Of The Year" award actually exist? Because if it does, please get this guy his trophy immediately.

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11. He fell right into that trap.

Imgur | muukzor

This is trolling done right. Do you think he deleted it like he promised?

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12. Friendzoned.

Instagram | @theshaderoom

Ouchhhh. Publicly on Twitter like that?! This dude will never recover.

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13. Instructions followed perfectly. 

Imgur | quantim

I would love to see this keep going! This guy can find a loophole for anything.

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14. Poor guy.

Reddit | TheStoneyVibes

Someone please give this man a hug. He's clearly hurting.

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15. Don't tell Grandpa.

Instagram | @hoodshiet

This is why retired people shouldn't have smartphones. All that time on their hands can be dangerous!

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16. Richard pics.

Imgur | johnnyo66

There were three more pages of this, too...

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17. No need to brag, boys.

Imgur | SSJMabo

I guess they're not the thirstiest on this list, but they're definitely desperate for attention.

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18. Even Drake is a little thirsty.

Tumblr | thirstiestmenofinstagram

To be fair, that top is bomb.

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19. A girl needs options, OK?

Facebook | Luna Sobieski

It's not her fault none of you will commit.

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20. This is just next level.

Twitter | @StrikeyStrikes

Some people will do anything for Twitter.

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21. These are One Direction fans IRL.

Twitter | @PaulTinker1980

Straight out of a horror scene. Gotta wonder how they dealt with the split.

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22. You hungry? Cuz he's thirsty. 

Reddit | freeze123901

Some things just make you go "hmm."

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23. You wot?

Tumblr | thirstiestmenofinstagram

Have some self-respect, dude. This is not the way.

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