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23 Things You Should Go Home And Throw Out Right Now

Diply 7 May 2017

It's been a while since I have done a good, healthy purge. I think it's about time to go through all my things and toss out the junk that I no longer use.

It feels good to free yourself from the junk around the house, but sometimes it's helpful to have a list — here's a list of 16 items that you should throw away. Take a look and let me know if you think I missed anything important!

1. Old clothes

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So, you're hanging onto those old jeans from high school? OK, let's be real for a minute. Even if you could squeeze back into 'em, there's a pretty good chance they aren't in style.

Don't worry, you're not alone in this — I'm headed home to throw out an entire box of clothes that's been stashed in the back of my closet.

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2. Old makeup

Instagram | @siqne_siqne

I know, it can be hard to toss that teeny tiny bottle of cover up that cost almost a day's pay, but if it's old, it should go. Make up does have a shelf life for a reason.

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3. Old toothbrushes

Instagram | @thefirthlady

Every three months — period.

If you've been sick, toss it. You can get a toothbrush from the dollar store, so there's no reason not to follow the three-month rule.

And actually toss it, don't just add another one to the cup!

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4. Socks with no partner. 

Instagram | @midtownlaundry

You're never gonna find the other one — never. It's been sucked up into the missing sock vortex. On that note: socks with holes? Toss 'em.

Send those socks to a better place.

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5. Stinky, yucky shoes.

Instagram | @arie_styawan_

You know the ones I'm talking about! The ones that are taking up room at the back of the closet, that you worked so hard to break in.

That doesn't matter. If they're gross and stinky, it's time to toss.

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6. Tacky nail polish. 

So TIPical Me | So TIPical Me

Like actually tacky to touch — not referring to nail polish that doesn't match your outfits. Once that polish becomes gooey, it's not good to you anyway. Time to go!

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7. Old spices.  

Instagram | @usa2kangel

Spices and herbs do have an expiration date — for their potency. Technically, they're still edible, but there's no point in cooking with lackluster flavor.

Yeah, probably time for this one to go...

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8. Broken toys

Instagram | @amazingazcomics

Once a toy is broken there's no point in keeping it around. A good idea is to also donate toys that your kids have outgrown. There are always kids in need.

Unless, of course, you're creative.

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9. Worn out and yucky dish towels

Instagram | @erinelizabethfitness

This is another thing that you can pick up from the dollar store, so don't hang on to those grubby old dish towels.

Hang onto the ones that are downright punny, though.

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10. Chipped dishes

Instagram | @tacogetsfit

Chances are they're just gonna keep on chipping, so get rid of 'em. Nobody wants to pick porcelain out of their dinner!

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11. Expired medicines 

Great Divide Photography | Shutterstock

It's a good idea to go through your medicine cabinet every once in a while. Toss expired medicine and vitamins. This clears up space and is good for your health.

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12. Unread books

Instagram | @katherinejdoubleday

If you have no plans on reading it, give it to someone who will. There are lots of donation places that will take books and gladly help you clear up space on your bookshelf.

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13. Old paint

Instagram | @hollysuzart

It's good to hang onto paint in case you have to do any small touch ups, but after time, paint fades — so chances are it's not going to match anyway.

You know what I'm going to say, don't you? Toss it.

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14. Magazines 

Instagram | @rshid

You don't need every copy of Cosmo lying around. Read them, hang onto them for a couple days, and then into the recycling they go.

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15. Dish sponge

Instagram | @lynseygarty

When was the last time you tossed out your dish sponge? If you can't remember, that means it's time.

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16. Your entire junk drawer — well, most of it. 

Instagram | @tonyray55

Don't let your junk drawer grow and grow. Nobody needs 500 pens and pencils. Most of what's in there is junk, hence the name "junk drawer." Clean it out every once in a while — it'll feel good!

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17. Worn out air fresheners.

Jalopnik | Jalopnik

If they don't smell anymore, there's no point in having them around.

Grab yourself some fresh ones and toss the old ones — remember this one for the car, too!

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18. Lotions

Polished Habitat | Polished Habitat

Anybody else have a lotion graveyard like me?

A whole bunch of bottles that are almost empty, but you're hanging on to them for some reason.

Toss 'em.

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19. Games that are missing pieces 

Pinterest | 

You can't play them if they're missing pieces.

Rid your house of clutter and get rid of the games that are useless.

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20. Outdated and broken electronics

Twitika | Twitika

There's no point in keeping around stuff that doesn't work.

If it's outdated, that's a double strike.

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21. Useless manuals

Ask Anna | Ask Anna

Hang on to the ones that you actually need.

There are just some manuals that are pointless, like furniture manuals. Build your furniture and then toss the manual.

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22. Purses you never use

Cape Point Route | Cape Point Route

A purse only has so much life in it.

If it's old and tatty, it's better off in the trash.

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23. Random containers and jars 

PopSugar | PopSugar

Especially if they're empty.

If they have junk in them — toss that, too.

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Hopefully, doing some of these things can make you feel liberated. 

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