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22+ Humble Fans Reveal The Dumbest Things They Said To A Celeb

We all want to think that we're silver-tongued smooth-talkers who'd come up with the best possible thing to say if we met someone famous, but really, that's just not the case.

At best, you're going to make it through the interaction with the most basic of social skills. At worst, you might have experiences like all these people did.

User @rachyymarshall asked Twitter to share their most embarrassing celebrity encounter stories.

Twitter | @rachyymarshall

Rach's own story was telling Lady Gaga that her outfit made her look like Mary Antoinette (instead of Marie), but the responses she got ended up being just oh-so-much-worse.

1. There are different ways to compliment Justin Bieber, but this definitely isn't one of them.

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I can't think of a single time when anyone has ever talked about a wax figure being a positive thing.

Usually, when we talk about them it's because of how janky they are and completely unlike the celebrity they're supposed to be replicating.

2. I'm not saying that the alcohol is completely to blame for this one, but it certainly didn't help.

Twitter | @HausOfLozza

Apparently, @HausOfLozza claims he followed it up by giving her an even harder time:

"Have you had a little drink tonight?"

"Yeah a little bit."

"Hmm a 'little bit.'"

3. A little concern can go a long way, but sometimes it's actually better to keep it to yourself.

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That's the kind of sentiment I'd worry about saying to my best friend, let alone to a celebrity I've only seen through the lens of social media. Yikes on bikes.

4. Sometimes, the very worst thing that you can say is nothing at all.

Twitter | @dualapeep, Twitter

Meeting a celebrity is intimidating enough, but when you stan someone enough to make them your Twitter handle like @dualapeep did, it's no surprise it was paralyzing.

5. Celebrities have certain expectations when you meet them, so it's important to keep them on their toes.

Twitter | @remxtaste

Even more shockingly, Samantha actually captured her own awkwardness on camera. She didn't think to take a pic, but she recorded her fail?

6. Honesty is not always the best policy.

Twitter | @ohhnoitsamyy

Heck, you can be honest and still filter the truths that you decide to share. I promise Harry didn't want to know about this.

7. A reminder that people with all the money in the world probably have a different set of problems from the rest of us.

Twitter | @kewkumber_world

Heck, I don't have anywhere near Paris Hilton amounts of money, but I'd still feel weird about returning a $3 product.

8. It's probably fine to give a celebrity a thoughtful gift. This shouldn't be the way you do it, though.

Twitter | @jazsignature

I get the feeling that Shawn Mendes isn't exactly wanting for phones. He probably doesn't need yours.

9. Meeting a celeb doesn't usually have a right and a wrong way to answer questions, but this encounter sure did.

Twitter | @doveluvpeace

@doveluvpeace says they followed this up by saying that they also love math, and Neil told them that math is the language of the world. So at least they recovered.

10. Katy came for a meet and greet and instead got an education.

Twitter | @HighwayKatyCorn

Imagine having Katy Perry express genuine curiosity about your career, only to have you mansplain your last sentence to her.

11. You always hope that your meeting with a celebrity is going to be memorable, but not like this...not like this.

Twitter | @bowhowe

I can't wait until Hozier is in an awkward situation and he accidentally uses this line.

12. If I know one thing about actors, it's that they absolutely love to be associated with one job for the rest of their lives.

Twitter | @conz

That's why every time Michael Keaton gives an interview, he starts it off by growling, "I'm Batman."

13. This is just about the cringiest thing I think I've ever heard.

Twitter | @imtheadrian

I hope the face in this picture is exactly the face that Gwen made for the entire visit from then on.

14. It's amazing how meeting a celebrity can make you totally forget how usual human interaction works.

Twitter | @nicholasisdaddy

This could only possibly be better if they were making an "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" sound at the same time.

15. This is the kind of thing that you probably just wait until after to look up.

Twitter | @thismomentxox

Then again, now they can tell everyone they learned what the word "avid" meant from Martha Stewart. So it's definitely memorable.

16. When in doubt, just narrate your body's functions.

Twitter | @StantonCross

That's my rule for life, and look how far it's gotten me! Actually, that's terrible advice, please don't do it. You don't want to be me.

17. If Britney's not available to go the Galapagos with you, I can definitely clear my schedule.

Twitter | @willy2ec

This must especially hurt for someone who calls themselves "Blessed by Britney."

18. I'm not saying I know Katya personally, but I think she'd get a kick out of this.

Twitter | @trixienattel

You can always follow Katya's life plan and get robbed in two different seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race.

19. I'm pretty sure the only way to deal with this particular situation is to move to a different country.

Twitter | @dejaxwilliams

Or just maybe you could convince her that you actually said "Hailey." They kind of sound similar, right?

20. Thankfully, some celebrities had the presence of mind to just go with it.

Twitter | @20gayneen

I'm no legal expert, but I'm pretty sure that NEEN over here just got adopted.

21. As much as you want to believe otherwise, these people are not your fast and immediate friends.

Twitter | @roomforgenesis

These are the conversations you can have with your Niall-shaped pillow at home, but the real one doesn't want to hear about your problems.

22. It's kind of amazing just how spectacularly wrong you can say something.

Twitter | @whjzzerss

Like, these words almost mean the same thing, but one of them is just a vicious bit of a savagery that will haunt Brendon Urie for years.

23. It's common practice to discuss people's medical histories when you first meet them, right?

Twitter | @scorpiramirez

I'm sure she just wanted to show that she cared, but still...yikes. Yikes, yikes, yikes.

24. It's not often that you get to go to the White House, so it's important that you make the most of the opportunity.

Twitter | @tyleroakley

I mean, it is a cute desk and all, but that's probably not what should be the focus of conversation.

25. Honestly, you'd expect that Josh Peck would be used to this by now.

Twitter | @kenziecoffman

@kenziecoffman took a chance, and I'm honestly more embarrassed for Peck on this one.

26. If she was very, VERY lucky, maybe Bebe never noticed?

Twitter | @wildeyesstyles

Like, I wouldn't realize anyone was talking to me if I just heard someone screaming "KEVIN, KEVIN!"

27. You always need to be careful what you wish for, particularly in case you actually get it.

Twitter | @loogiya, Twitter

Also, are you really that surprised that a guy who you tagged in a picture ended up seeing the picture?

28. It's somehow even more cringey when the celebrities notice.

Twitter | @KelseyMannarino, Twitter

Again, that's what you get for tagging. But having Nyle sarcastically call you a legend almost makes it worth it.

29. Any one of you telling me you'd handle this situation differently is just a straight-up liar.

Twitter | @christinaxxnoel

In fact, I'm starting to tear up just imagining what it would feel like.

30. I've got a hard time believing Shia didn't know exactly what was going on here.

Twitter | @writerinprog

I mean sure, it's been a minute since Even Stevens was on the air, but come on.

31. Katy Perry would, apparently, do anything for her fans.

Twitter | @LittleLetterJ

People thought it was weird when Katy started bringing an emergency surgeon on tour with her, but who's laughing now?