Disney Finally Dropped The First 'Toy Story 4' Sneak Peek

All Disney/Pixar has to do is say the word "coming soon" and my heart starts racing. There isn't a movie by them that I won't watch (except Cars 2, but we don't talk about that).

Obviously, Toy Story 4 is going to be another smash hit. It HAS to be.

It's pretty easy to say that "Toy Story" is one of the most well-loved Disney/Pixar movies out there.


I mean, just look at the glowing reviews that Rotten Tomatoes has given the three films.

Both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 have 100% ratings, and Toy Story 3 is sitting pretty at 98%.

Honestly, they probably lost the 2% because of the emotional trauma they put us through when we thought they were all going to burn alive.

There's a lot to love about these films.

YouTube | Sheriff Woody Pride

From the nostalgia, to the soundtrack, and of course, the voice actors, these movies are all wonderful in their own ways.

Personally, I'm a fan of Spanish Buzz Lightyear.

YouTube | HitFix

And everything that comes out of Rex's mouth. What a cultural icon.

Quite a while ago, news broke that "Toy Story 4" would be a thing.


And I know what you're all thinking.

They ended TS3 so perfectly, why do they feel the need to keep going?

The obvious answer here is money.

They're going to keep pushing out these movies if they're profitable, and honestly, I'm not angry about it.

We had a rough idea of where they were going to take this movie's plot.


And from what we understand, it'll be about Woody and his search for Bo Peep, according to Digital Spy.

Honestly, anything that involves hearing the sweet, sweet voice of Tom Hanks is okay in my books.

It could be 90 minutes of Woody talking into the camera and I'd still pay money to watch it.

I'm pretty sure that the fourth installment will be the final movie, and we can't help but wonder how it'll end.

Den of Geek

Maybe they really will all die in a fiery inferno?

Tom Hanks actually spoke out about the movie's ending.

He dropped a pretty giant hint that it'll be an emotional one.

He explained that recording the final scene was emotional for him.

Consequence of Sond

He wanted to have his back turned while doing the voice-over, TODAY reported.

"The emotional range of the movies has become more and more deep and profound and affecting," he added.

Tim Allen, who voices Buzz Lightyear, admitted that he also had a hard time recording the movie's ending.

"It is so emotional; it's so funny; it's so big. The idea they've come up with, I'm startled. [...] I couldn't even get through the last scene. They've got great characters but a couple of scenes toward the end were really hard to get through," he revealed.

Anyway, we were finally given a visual sneak peek into the upcoming movie.

Twitter | @toystory

First, a movie poster that features just Woody. Nothing special, but I love the minimalism.

They announced that it'll be opening in theaters on June 21st, 2019

We were also gifted a minute-and-a-half teaser trailer.

I don't know anyone who was expecting this trailer to drop, so it was a pretty nice surprise.

Anyway, in the trailer, we see all the characters we know and love holding hands, spinning around gleefully.

Twitter | @toystory

Among the usual characters, we see what appears to be a spork.

Twitter | @toystory

A distressed looking spork, to be specific.

He suddenly screams "I don't belong here!" and drops out of the sky.

His panicking causes all of the other characters to crash into each other, and it's pretty dramatic.

Twitter | @toystory

"I'm not a toy! Ahhh," he screams, as he runs off.

"Hey, hey, somebody get him before he pokes an eye out," we hear Woody call as the trailer ends.

Honestly, I missed Tom Hanks so much.

So I guess this spork thing is a new character?

Apparently, it's not just toys that can talk. Cutlery is included, too? What else can speak in this universe that I don't know about?

Naturally, Twitter has opinions on everything from the trailer to the movie being released at all.

What would we do without the thoughts of complete strangers to get us through the day?

First of all, I hope that these movie theaters prepare for a bunch of fully grown adults to fill the seats.

Twitter | @dacari_hall

With that being said, kids can and SHOULD come to the movie as well.

Twitter | @Team_SMSD

It's for everyone to enjoy! Just because the movies started in the '90s doesn't mean it's exclusive to your generation. Don't be that person.

Some people don't quite understand the purpose of the fourth movie.

Twitter | @Altoryu

And that's fair. Like I said, we don't really get it either.

Others had a pretty good idea why they were stretching it to four movies.

Twitter | @TheDesolater59

Did I tell you it was for the money, or did I tell you it was for the money?

Honestly, I have complete faith in Disney/Pixar and have no doubt that this movie will be amazing.

There's no way that Tom Hanks could do us dirty like that, right?


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