12+ 'Suicide Squad' Mistakes James Gunn Should Avoid

Brett Caron 9 Nov 2018

So, after that little whirlwind of controversy The Verge reported on surrounding James Gunn's old tweets that got him tossed off of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, he's apparently being snapped up by the competition.

And when you're talking about Marvel, the competition is always gonna be DC.

Instagram | @jamesgunn

That's right, Mr. Gunn's gonna be writing and maybe even directing Suicide Squad 2, according to a report by The Verge.

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When you think about it, he's kinda the perfect person for the job.


After all, almost nobody cared about the Guardians of the Galaxy until...well, until James Gunn made Guardians of the Galaxy.

And the Guardians are basically just another group of misfits, so...DC really got lucky on this deal.

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But if modern Hollywood can teach us any lessons, it's that nothing is safe from being ruined by...Hollywood.

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So with that in mind, there are definitely some mistakes that Suicide Squad made that should be avoided in the sequel.

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1. Stop trying to make "Edgy, Serious DC" happen. It's not going to happen.

Imgur | T1GWBJAH

If Marvel has taught us anything, it's that superhero stuff can get serious once in a while, but that means, like, once a movie. The rest of the time, embrace the fact that superheroes are kinda silly.

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I mean silly on purpose, by the way, not accidentally silly.

Instagram | @wrapperman

If all comedy came from really bad CGI covering up mustaches, then everyone would do it.

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2. We don't need the movie to include every famous song we've ever heard.

Giphy | undefined

Gunn definitely knew how to use music in Guardians of the Galaxy, and even in Infinity War it really sets the tone for their introduction.

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Seriously, the first twenty minutes of the first film are insane.


In just the beginning, we hear these songs:

“House of the Rising Sun” — The Animals
“You Don’t Own Me” — Lesley Gore
“Sympathy for the Devil”— The Rolling Stones
“Standing in the Rain” — Action Bronson, Mark Ronson and Dan Auerbach
“Super Freak”— Rick James
“Purple Lamborghini” — Skrillex and Rick Ross
“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” — AC/DC
“Slippin’ into Darkness” — War
“Fortunate Son”— Creedence Clearwater Revival
“Black Skinhead”— Kanye West
“Gangsta” — Kehlani
“Over Here” — Rae Sremmurd feat. Bobo Swae
“Know Better” — Kevin Gates
“Paranoid” — Black Sabbath
“Seven Nation Army” — The White Stripes
“Without Me”—Eminem
“Spirit in the Sky” — Norman Greenbaum


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3. Please do not waste Viola Davis this time.

YouTube | Superhero Cafe

Seriously, she's a treasure. The tough, ruthless Amanda Waller has a lot of depth — perfect for somebody like Viola Davis to sink her teeth into.

So it'd be cool if she had more to do than...attend two meetings, then fall asleep in a hotel and kidnap herself? I'm still not sure what happened.

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4. Please, I'm begging you. No giant blue lasers in the sky.

YouTube | Flashback FM

I mean, I'm not worried Gunn will throw them in. Guardians of the Galaxy was a movie that could've had an excuse to include a legit sky-laser, and it still didn't do it.

This is a good sign, because we've seen it enough times.

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5. SHOW us stuff instead of telling us stuff.


Right after Amanda Waller finishes explaining the Suicide Squad over a steak dinner, she goes to the Pentagon and...explains the Suicide Squad. Rick Flagg just gives this "Oh, by the way, here's Katana" introduction after the Squad gets on the helicopter.

James Gunn knows how to introduce a rag-tag team of rogues without a speech, so here's hoping.

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6. Please let the Joker do something that matters.

YouTube | Movieclips Trailers

Even though a huge chunk of the marketing revolved around Leto and his version of the Joker...I'm having trouble remembering if there's more than ten minutes of this dude in the movie.

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Honestly, I wasn't one of the people who got totally upset by Hot Topic Joker.


I just wish that one of those ten onscreen minutes let the Joker do...something that mattered to the plot.

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7. But please also don't let Jared Leto do anything behind the scenes.

Instagram | @jaredleto

It's not difficult. Just don't let him near any rats, or pigs, or condoms, or whatever the heck else Inverse said he was messing around with on and off-set?

And definitely don't let the Joker write his own movie.

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Like I said, I wanted to give Leto a chance as the Joker, and I think their take on the character was interesting.

Giphy | undefined

But it was difficult to stay excited when I rolled my eyes at every little attention-grabbing stunt that Leto was pulling behind the scenes.

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8. Most of all, don't pump up the Joker and the "Oh, Leto. You crazy" behind-the-scenes stuff and then not deliver that Joker in the movie.


I'd be fine to watch a Suicide Squad 2 without the Joker, especially after Leto really went so extra with the role. But if there's gonna be a Joker in the movie, I hope it's not too hyped beforehand.

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9. Make sure you don't mess up Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.

Digital Spy

James Gunn knows how to write awesome characters like Gamora and Nebula, so I don't think that there's much chance that Harley Quinn is gonna get worse. But it'd be great if she got a better character arc than...ending exactly as she started.

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I think most people thought that Margot Robbie did a great job with what she was given.


So maybe Gunn can squeeze that goodness out of the character into a good script.

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10. This is a minor grief, but name-dropping the title is laaaaaame.


Although it's basically the movie-title equivalent of "Come on, man. Call me Star-Lord," so maybe Gunn won't be able to resist. Maybe this is asking a lot.

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Yeah, on second thought, I guess I shouldn't take it too seriously.

Imgur | CockneyBiker

I did say that "edgy DC" doesn't need to be a thing. So you know what? If James Gunn goes for a cheesy Suicide Squad 2, I'm still here for it.

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12. I am not kidding. NO. GIANT. LASERS.

YouTube | Richard Parker

I swear, dude. If there is another giant laser in a superhero movie...unless it's called Get Ready For Giant Sky Lasers: The Movie, I am walking out.

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There's a lot we could maybe look forward to from a second "Suicide Squad" movie.

Giphy | Look Human

It's hard to stay excited over superhero movies, but I was saying the same thing before Guardians of the Galaxy did something interesting and new.

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And with all the support from the cast and crew for James Gunn after Disney gave him the boot, he seems like a good dude to work with.

Instagram | @marvel.dc_new

The Guardians cast responded to Gunn's firing with nothing but love and understanding.

Maybe that's what will let him get the best out of the actors who are cast for Suicide Squad 2.

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We know Marvel's gonna be just fine, even if the third "Guardians" movie doesn't do as well without Gunn at the helm.

YouTube | The Film Bits 666

At this point, the only way Marvel could mess up is if they gave Thanos a Scottish accent and killed Robert Downey Jr. offscreen.

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13. Honestly, dude? Just do what you do best.

Giphy | undefined

If you can make us care about characters we've never heard of, maybe you have the power to redeem characters we've heard of but don't care about yet.

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