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I Put 5+ Clothing Hacks To The Test And Was Pleasantly Surprised

I see lifehacks floating around the internet all the time. They're pinned on Pinterest, upvoted on Reddit, and retweeted on Twitter.

My curiosity got the better of me and I decided to put a few of the most popular clothing hacks to the test. The results actually exceeded my expectations.

Get rid of smelly shoes

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It doesn't matter if you dropped a fortune on your shoe wardrobe, or own a pair of this season's must-haves — stinky shoes are not stylish.

However, this fashion dilemma can be hard to avoid, especially in warm months, or for your gym shoes.

If you've struggled with getting rid of those funky smells, don't sweat. These two hacks for eliminating odors from your footwear are effective and cheap.

In fact, you probably have everything you need for these hacks in your cupboards right now.

1. The first is to stick a dryer sheet in your shoes between wears.

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Yes, the humble dryer sheet. You know before starting this job, I never fully appreciated how useful these things can be. They can do so much more than making your laundry smell nice.

Anyways, back to the hack. It seems pretty easy, right? Just pop one in each shoe and let it sit until the next time you plan on wearing them.

I would even recommend keeping a box of dryer sheets by your shoe rack so you always have some on hand.

2. To compare, I also tried putting a tea bag in the other shoe.

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According to internet hack experts, teabags are also great at absorbing smells from your footwear because they are designed to attract moisture.

It seems that just about any tea bag will do. For the record, I used a lemon-ginger teabag since it has such a nice, zesty scent. A few online favorites seem to be peppermint or lavender since they also have refreshing scents.

A few sites recommend letting the tea bag sit for at least 24 hours.

So, how did these hacks measure up?

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The dryer sheet had a more immediate effect. After an hour or so, the shoe smelled like fresh laundry.

Of the two hacks, if I needed to quickly get rid of any smells from my shoes, this would probably be the one I would go with.

The tea bag left more of a subtle scent, but I have a feeling it is better at absorbing moisture. I was quite pleased to find that my shoe still smelled like lemon-ginger tea the next day.

Consider how quickly you need your shoes again before trying this hack.

3. Get rid of deodorant stains.

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Here's another handy use for dryer sheets. I know, I know. Dryer sheets are the unsung hero of this article. Maybe it is finally their time to shine in the spotlight

This hack is for one of the most frustrating stains most of us have to deal with: that white, chalky mark from deodorant.

It usually happens on days when you're already running late, too. Ugh, it is actually the worst.

From now on, if you've accidentally transferred deodorant onto a dark shirt, use a dryer sheet to erase it.

Does this look familiar to you?

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They happen to the best of us.

The worst things about these stains is that they seem to stay on forever.

Of course, washing them with water won't exactly work since deodorant is designed to repel moisture.

In the past, I've been defeated by these stains too many times to count. A lot of good shirts ended up in the trash because of them.

However, according to internet lore, a dryer sheet can remove these stains quickly and with minimal effort. Let's see if it works.

I don't think there's a right or wrong way to do this hack.

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Grab a dryer sheet and start erasing the mark. I think I worked on this patch for two minutes until I was satisfied with the effect.

If this fashion disaster happens just as you're about to head out to work (as it usually does), you'll have time to remove the stain and still make it to work on time.

It's probably faster to do this than change your outfit.

Well, I guess it's decided then. I'll just start carrying dryer sheets around with me at all times.

Ta-da! It worked (mostly).

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Unless you have someone inspecting your shirt closely, the stain was undetectable. There was a little residue left over, but it was miles better compared to the original mark.

Plus, my shirt smelled really good!

Most of us do not have an unlimited budget when it comes to our closets. As much as I would love that, my bank account says otherwise.

Hacks like these are real money-savers since you can repair the clothes you already own instead of throwing away things that were ruined by a small stain.

4. Use clear nail polish to avoid a fashion disaster.

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These next two hacks will also show you how to make small repairs and prevent damage to your clothes. In the long run, that means more cash in your wallet.

Apparently clear nail polish is a lifesaver for every fashionista. This $2 investment can save you from getting costly repairs, or tossing away items that still have lots of mileage in them.

For the first hack, apply a bit of clear nail polish to your buttons to stop threads from fraying and buttons popping off.

Just a little dab will work.

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This hack worked well and I could tell the threads were sealed in. It only took me a few minutes to do the buttons on this shirt, so it's an easy preventative measure to take.

Missing buttons are really annoying. Besides looking unprofessional, I only just realized that they can be a safety hazard, as well.

I recently had a button fall off one of my shirts and didn't notice it. My one-year-old did, however, and tried eating the button.

Thankfully, I caught him in time, but since then, I've done this to all my shirts.

You can also use clear nail polish to stop runs in tights.

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This is another popular internet fashion hack. I always wondered if it worked so I decided to give it a shot.

For this hack, it seems like you have to apply the nail polish as soon as you see a run.

I didn't notice too much of a repair, but this run has been around for a few weeks. RIP tights.

If anyone else has tried this hack, let me know if it worked out for you.

5. Organize your closet with shower curtain hooks.

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Shower curtain hooks have a million uses. One of them is helping you organize your closet. Who would have thought to do this? Not me, that's for sure.

We all have those items in our closet that never stay on the hanger.

It doesn't matter if you're using a non-slip hanger or have secured the items with zip-ties. When you open your closet, they are always falling off the hanger. Always.

Thanks to this hack, you'll finally be able to get those items to stay on the hanger.

I picked up these shower curtain rings at the dollar store and attached them to a hanger.

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If you're wondering, it took me all of 30 seconds to do this. Once the rings were attached, I looped my scarves through.

I chose to use this hack for my scarves because they are currently piled on a coat hook that is in no way organized or pretty to look at.

The pile has become so big that every time I try to get a scarf, I end up pulling down five others, along with the one I actually wanted to wear.

That's better!

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Now I can hang my scarves up instead of leaving them on that pile. Seriously, it was starting to rival Everest.

There is one mistake I made with this hack. I should have selected the shower curtain hooks that are actual hooks, not rings.

You have to open the rings, and that can be a little tricky when you want to grab something off the hanger.

However, if you want your items hung up securely, then rings are the way to go.

But wait...there's more!

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As well, you can use this hack to hang up belts, purses, and multiple tank tops on one hanger.

Back to our shower curtain rings versus hooks dilemma, what you choose for this hack will also depend on what you're hanging up.

For larger items, like bags, I would recommend the rings for that extra security.

Overall, I really loved this hack! I share a closet with my partner and maximizing the space has been challenging.

Now I can hang multiple items on one hanger and cut down on the clutter.

6. De-pill a sweater with a razor.

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If you thought those deodorant stains were bad, here is my number one clothing pet peeve — sweater pills.

They look hideous and turn your cozy sweaters into a ragged piece of fabric. If I had one wish, it would be that all sweaters could stay as soft as they were the day you bought them.

Well... maybe that wouldn't be my one wish, but you get the idea.

Anyways, one popular suggestion is to use an everyday razor to remove any pills.

Here is the state of this well-loved sweater.

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As you can see, it's clearly seen some better days.

In case you were wondering, sweaters pill because of friction on the fabric. Everyday wear, washing, and scrubbing all cause these annoying little balls of fuzz.

There are some preventative things you can do when washing your clothes, but for the most part, sweater pills are inevitable.

Well, it's the moment of truth. Can a razor rescue the sweater from these frayed fibers? Let's take a look...

The first thing I would recommend is using a sharp, brand-name razor.

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Those dinky dollar store razors won't cut it (literally).

Especially for a thicker sweater like this, you need a serious razor to do the job.

Use a light touch when removing the pills, especially with delicate fabrics. You do run the risk of cutting or tearing the fabric with this hack, so be gentle.

You'll also want to watch out around any seams or buttons so that you don't accidentally cut any threads.

There isn't enough clear nail polish in the world to reverse something like that.

I began shaving the pills off this sweater and saw them fall off right away.

Emily McWilliams | Diply

See ya later, pills! I call this photo, "The Point Of No Return." Is it worth mentioning that this isn't even my sweater? It belongs to my partner. Whoops...

When you start removing your pills, be sure to move the razor from top to bottom only. Moving it up and down or side to side repeatedly could damage your sweater.

The last thing we want is to snag the fabric and ruin it.

Thankfully, it all worked out!

Emily McWilliams | Diply

Within minutes, the small area I tested was completely pill-free and looked like new. The only downside of this hack is that it's really only for small touch-ups.

Doing an entire sweater could take a long time and you'd probably need more than one razor.

I think the key to this hack is to do it as soon as you notice a bit of pilling. If you remove the pills as they appear, it'll be more effective than trying to do an entire sweater that is covered in them.

7. Prevent excess moisture with a pantyliner.

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This is one of those weird hacks I knew I just had to try. Rumor has it that sticking a pantyliner in the sleeve of your shirt helps to soak up excess moisture.

In theory, it sounds correct. Weird, but correct.

I am one of those people who overheats easily, and walking around with pit stains is not chic. Even if this hack is weird, I was willing to give it a try for those reasons.

I took two pantyliners and stuck them inside a long-sleeved shirt.

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The first thing I noticed was that it was a bit tricky getting the liners in the exact spot to line up with your armpits.

I kind of just winged it and then did a bit of adjusting when I wore the shirt.

You'd think that after using these things for nearly 15 years I would be a pro by now, but clearly, this is not what they were intended for.

As well, it became pretty obvious that the liners weren't sticking that well to the shirt.

Emily McWilliams | Diply

Maybe you need to use really sticky pantyliners? For this test, it was okay, but I think that they would fall off in a few minutes on a hot day or under pressure.

I could also feel them in the shirt so it wasn't exactly a comfortable fit.

The shirt I was wearing for this hack was thicker, but if you tried it with a light blouse, I'm certain everyone would be able to tell that you have pantyliners under your armpits.

My verdict? Womp womp.

Emily McWilliams | Diply

This hack has potential, but it was a bit awkward to wear the shirt and it looks like the liners only stick to certain fabrics.

Overall, you'd be better off wearing an undershirt. Sigh. They can't all be winners.

There is something else to consider. Underarm guards are a real thing and are probably what this hack is based on.

If you're as disappointed as I am with the outcome of this hack, at least there are still some options out there!

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