12+ Hilarious Tweets About Siblings

Karli Steen 9 Nov 2018

As the oldest of six in a blended family, you could say that I've been through it all. Let's just say I'm happy that most of my siblings have grown up and become more bearable. If you have siblings and can't relate to these, you're lying.

As a wheelchair user, I never had this problem...while awake.

Twitter | @Graaakaaaay

I always had the best seat in the house, but this kind of thing caused a lot of arguments. It's like they were competing for the Iron Throne.

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That's on the list of things that I really didn't need to hear, but thanks…

Twitter | @AnnaKirstinPou1

Trust me, I'm very aware that my siblings got the better end of the gene pool. However, I really don't like to be reminded of it.

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Snacks are sacred items that are not to be given up without a fight.

Twitter | @syasyasaifull04

Unfortunately, this is when my siblings would choose to yell for my parents. You would think that it has gotten easier to share. It hasn't.

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I can relate to this on a personal level. If I can't have it, nobody can.

Twitter | @Im_Tricia

I don't know why the knowledge that somebody else was going to get it suddenly made it more appealing. But of course, you couldn't let them win.

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You really can't trust anyone but yourself. I'm still careful.

instagram | @_relatable_._teens_

It's always surprising what a sibling can remember, and you never know when it will come back to haunt you.

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Sometimes it's fun to sit back and grab the popcorn.

Instagram | @brooksparks

When I watch my younger siblings fight, I can't help but feel like an older sensei who knows what's coming.

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This was my siblings' personal favorite jibe. It's still stings a little.

Tumblr | tup4c

It was mostly the evil characters, too. The one that got me the most was being told that I was the hunchback of Notre Dame.

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This one hits really close to home. Why are parents like this?


My mom pulled the Kardashian move and gave all the girls 'K' names. The struggle is too real.

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This still annoys me to no end.


I constantly had to buy new hairbrushes. Later, I would find several of my old ones in my sister's room.

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I shouldn't be able to relate to this, but I do.

Twitter | @AlexaaRaeee

I don't think there is anything worse than the older sister being mistaken for the younger one.

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I can't say that I miss sharing a room. Every night was different.

Twitter | @umarhariz

One night, it would feel like a fun sleepover party. The next, it would feel like trying to avoid the Purge.

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There really isn't. Even as you get older.

Twitter | imTypical

You might think that with age, this would get better. However, all it takes is a simple "remember when…" to start something.

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The most basic sibling argument there ever was.

Instagram | @excessive_mess

I hate to admit that I never was good at coming up with the perfect comeback. I never really improved.

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I will never know why parents think matching is a good idea.


It may be cute at the time, but it also feels like losing your identity, in a way.

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If they want to take something, nothing will stop them.

Twitter | @viennatang3

My sister and I are even the same sizes, and things would still disappear. Even worse, she looked better in them.

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This was never a problem I had myself.

Twitter | @sophiesnelling

Although, I did have the rather unique problem of having to give my siblings a ride on my lap when they were tired.

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