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14+ Wholesome Things That Can Brighten Any Day

Lately, it's been pretty easy to be grumpy. That's true pretty much everywhere, but there's also a bountiful bouquet of noises, smells, and just general aggravations that seem personalized for each of us.

But sometimes, we can get a good enough start to the day to help us refuse to let any of that get us down. On those days, we can confidently walk past whatever is bothering us with a hearty, "Not today, Satan."

And if you need a little help getting to that point, maybe these lovely bursts of wholesomeness can back you up.

1. Haha, it looks like whoever set this booth up won't be short on cash for a while.

Reddit | BirdDestroyer

If just looking into this buddy's eyes doesn't already make kissing this box 11 times feel worth it, the returns on this investment should.

2. Well, the important thing is that this man had some pretty adorable fun before that happened.


Besides, it's not like you have too far to fall when you're riding one of these babies. As bikes go, it's almost literally a baby.

3. Aww, I think somebody just earned herself a seat at the head table with this move.

It's also comforting to know that Jenna seems to be as good a gal as her Twitter name suggests. We're all pretty sick of totally false advertising, right?

4. I love how the dad even drafted the vanity out first. His darling daughter wasn't getting any shoddy work.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Based on how much work he put into this, he's definitely earned the right to just sit and admire it for a while. Well done, sir.

5. Oh, no apologies necessary. I really don't think it's possible to have too many kayaking Guinea pigs in your life.

Twitter | @AlsBoy

Also, isn't it so perfectly fitting that somebody this polite is the one to bless us with this little slice of heaven?

6. I don't know, I think it's pretty admirable that this guy approaches everything with a touch of class.


I'm guessing that he always remembers to lift his pinky when he takes a swig from his water bottle, too. He knows how to keep it classy.

7. Sometimes, a good heart needs a good head for backup, and this guy obviously has both.

Reddit | SaltyMarmot5819

Granted, I'm not exactly sure what the little bunny is supposed to do with that stack, but it's the thought that counts. He passed the important test.

8. I know this little guy always has that facial expression, but I still swear he'd look even happier after this.

Reddit | Whifflewas

I'm also hoping for a night where I sleep this soundly somewhere in my future because my pretzelled bedsheets tell me it's been a while.

9. Yeah, anybody who falls asleep on your floor mid-service is definitely not in the middle of their best day.

Reddit | Beast01973

Plus, that installation is probably going to go a lot smoother if the guy is well-rested. Exhaustion is pretty good at making us do dumb things, right?

10. Huh, it's not often that a meme actually encourages me to make a positive change, but I might actually start doing this.

Reddit | LesbianSpaceRocks

Actually, one person had an even better idea. Don't pretend you didn't see it. Instead, just say what you liked about it.

That works.

11. The bell is broken on this bus, so the driver apparently asked people to squeeze this rubber chicken instead.

Reddit | crabmeatsteamroll

Not only is that a good way to improvise when something stops working, but it gets a lot of bonus cute points too. Look at 'em!

12. OK, I guess this is kind of a weird one, but look how happy this dude is about this.

Reddit | asperatology

His pure heart doesn't question why this building has the world's largest bathroom signs. The important thing is that he fits perfectly and that's pretty relatable.

13. I don't how he's gonna land, but that has to be the happiest jump I've ever seen.

Getty Images | Hero Images

Like, it takes some serious charm to upstage a shopping cart race, but I think he just did it. I thought only rabbits could jump with this much enthusiasm.

14. We can only see one reaction in this picture, but I'm pretty sure it's universal.

Reddit | DangItsJames

Also, that dog is much cooler with having a full horse mask on than I'd expect. Most other ones would be darting around so much, they'd turn into a brown blur.

15. To give you an idea of how sweet my mom is, she does this every time we go out to dinner.

Instagram | @bruhifunny

Just remember to take the utensils out and put them on top, though. Otherwise, it's not gonna be as big a help as it seems.

16. Haha, that dog definitely doesn't understand what's going on, but this is amazing all the same.

Instagram | @pablopiqasso

Most of us don't remember, but there's a very good chance that we had the exact same facial expressions on our first Halloweens.

"I'm confused and a little scared, but there's candy."

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