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Baby Bear Clawing Away to Climb Snowy Mountain Video Goes Viral

Emily Reily 5 Nov 2018

One bear cub's struggle to keep up with mom has gotten worldwide attention. In the video, the cub is following its mother as they climb a snowy mountain together. It's a nearly 3-minute-long video that captures how hard the cub works to make it to the top.

Record scratch Yep, that's us

At first, mom and baby take identical paths across the side of the mountain to find a safe spot to make the ascent.

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Forget "Climb Every Mountain." Just climb this one. Please.

But while the mother bear makes it to the top fairly quickly, the cub has a harder time making the climb.

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Even bears have trouble getting a grip

The cub slides back down the mountain several times, at one point falling to what looks like a rocky outcropping that's devoid of snow. It appears the cub might fall off the mountain. The mother can only watch.

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Go, little cub, go!

Eventually, the cub strikes its own path and climbs back up, this time not following in mom's footsteps.

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Every day I'm hustlin'

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As soon as the cub reaches the top, they take off in what looks like a joyful run. Probably, though, they're tired and hungry from the journey. It's unclear what season it is or whether the two should be hibernating. Either way, their goal every day, when they're not hibernating, is to just get food and survive.

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Nature's not a reality show

The post led to many comments on social media, most of which were focused positively on the little bear's resilience and the mom's patience through the ordeal.

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Going where no drone should go


But others noted something disturbing about the video, which appears to have been taken by a drone. At one point, at about the 1:15 minute mark, the drone zooms in fairly close to the pair. The mother bear reacts and takes a swipe at the air, and the cub falls farther down. Is it possible the bear lashed out to keep the drone from the cub?

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