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15+ People Who Are Way Past The Point Of Caring

When life gets tough for a little too long, there comes a time when our brains finally click into "screw it" mode. If we're gonna be stuck doing what we don't want to, we're at least gonna do it our way.

After all, what are they going to do about it? Send us home? Oh no, that'll give us the chance to take a nap. How terrible!

Although it's hard to tell what led the people on this list to their bullcrap limit, it's clear that, like us, they're just daring everybody to say something.

1. Anybody who tries to make this guy start the day without some "me" time is about to have a bad time.


We all know what we have to do, but it's not getting done before we can mentally prepare ourselves. In my case, with Bob's Burgers.

2. Other than a space heater in a wagon, I'm not sure how else they can tell Old Man Winter to keep walking.


If you can't retract every part of your body into a winter coat like a turtle, you're making things too hard for yourself.

3. There's something to be said for using the "8 Mile" approach so we'll stop calling this guy a pig.

Reddit | Skwerilleee

He definitely seems like the type to fire up the siren right after he asks what we're gonna say now.

Just to prove some kind of point.

4. It won't end well, but I love the idea of somebody being so done that they run their cell block with the honor system.

Reddit | iLoqan_

"Look, I'm not gonna check your cells or whatever. Just don't leave or the warden will make me pretend to care."

5. Haha, I'm guessing this man is at the stage where he'll take it down, but not before he weighs his options.

Twitter | @joceyyys

After all, the kind of boss that threatens to fire you for this is probably not fun to deal with. Unfortunately, neither is being broke.

6. I don't know how this house got like this, but it definitely wasn't because somebody cared what the neighbors think.

Reddit | juanpabloangel

And as long as they don't blast circus music at 3 a.m., it's not like anybody can call the cops on this fun house.

7. I can start a workout with the best of intentions, but I'll be itching to do this after like, five minutes.

Instagram | @will_ent

I was always serious about doing well in school, but this is one of those times where I wouldn't mind catching an F for effort.

8. Before anybody tries this, just remember that the customer's name was Tracy.

Reddit | traceyw228

So I'm not saying that you can't throw shade at the customers. Just don't forget to give yourself some plausible deniability.

If they can say, "That doesn't even rhyme," you messed up.

9. When times are tough, we can't let anybody's dirty looks get in the way of how we find our happiness.

Instagram | @pablopiqasso

Besides, are we gonna act like this is the weirdest thing to happen in a fast food place? Right. The manager can ask themself to leave.

10. This grisly sight is making me feel lucky that the airline has never lost my luggage.

Reddit | Septumas

While I could sort of admire the guts to tell me to find my luggage out back before the raccoons get to it, it's pretty far from ideal.

11. I feel like whoever made this took one look at it, shrugged their shoulders, and said, "Close enough."

Reddit | -tzb

"So what if I thought I was making Homer and didn't bother starting this over again? You know who this is supposed to be."

12. I really can't argue with this. If people only buy them for the logo, why not add that yourself?

Reddit | Ibiss8

Besides, it's not like the people behind the genuine brand have the artistic vision to cover their pants in duck doodles. But now? Anything is possible.

13. It's hard to tell if this guy is just wincing at the light or yawning because boredom made him do this.

Getty Images | Christopher Robbins

My mom once worked for a guy who did this, and apparently, he thought it was worth it because the picture was on his door.

14. I guess if I knew this was going on, I'd feel a lot better about dodging this man's feet.


Normally, I'd suggest thinking of a better signal, but when his foot's already in the air, there's not much point. I'll just go back to watching The Babadook.

15. Apparently, this kid wanted to be the scariest thing an adult could think of and he nailed it.

Reddit | eradicATErs

Scaring the other kids on Halloween is a little pedestrian. If you're making someone calculate the cost of the candy they just gave you, that's more like it.

16. This dude found out that his job interview was on Halloween, so this is how he dressed for it.

Reddit | Taherham

And yes, he got the job. Much like animals, potential employers can smell fear — so if you don't have any, that gets you somewhere.

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