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12+ People Who Upped Their Game And Won Selfie Day

Taking a good selfie seems like it should be way easier than it is. But that's before you start thinking about lighting, angles, and not making an awkward face at the last second.

Even if you get all that right, it's still just a random photo of somebody unless there's something spiffy going on in the background.

But no matter how tough the standards are, these people still rose to the occasion and passed with flying colors.

1. Wow, it's not often that we see selfie goals and relationship goals in the same picture.

Instagram | @kalesalad

This seems like the kind of trick that only works if bae's a heavy sleeper, though. Can beauty really come at the cost of beauty sleep?

2. This probably wasn't even supposed to be a selfie, but some of the world's best creations happen by accident.

Reddit | eyyy_yo

I'm sure there are people trying to photoshop themselves onto a proud bird of prey, but this homie skipped that step and tripped us out.

3. Haha, I get the feeling that only a couple of them knew about that mirror back there.

Reddit | samueld44

I see you guys telling your poor, innocent mom "the lighting is better" in that exact spot. You rascals better behave yourselves now.

4. Sometimes, a selfie isn't for its own sake. Sometimes it's just a tool for proud defiance in the face of some bullcrap.

Instagram | @funniestpagehd

It's a way of telling The Man that you, in all of your pineapple-headed glory, demand the right to be yourself.

Fight on, brother.

5. Haha, he really could have played this up if he was serious about flexing, too.

Instagram | @will_ent

"Oh yeah, I got that S Model. I'm stunting so hard, it seats 40. And you know it's got keyless exit too. No, I don't mean entry. Get on my level."

6. I don't know if it's true that no one's as quick as Gaston or matches wits with Gaston, but I do know that nobody shares a pic with Gaston.

Reddit | StripeyMiata

At least not if he's worried there's a risk people will think you're more handsome than him.

7. I know that not everybody's huge on selfie sticks, but I don't think we'll hear much argument about using one here.

Reddit | Jaffz

That might just be because everyone who's afraid of heights is too busy looking away, but we'll take it as approval anyway.

8. I'm not surprised people are so envious of them, because it certainly looks like this couple agrees on a lot.

Instagram | @pablopiqasso

Not only are they riding the same wave, but they both decided that using a phone for selfies is basic and went back to the classic.

9. I can't read minds, but I'm pretty sure that cop is thinking, "Well, there goes the part where I let you off with a warning." 

Reddit | Hefalumpkin

The last time I saw an authority figure this unamused was right before I retired as the class clown.

10. Unless you're scaling a big rock, it seems the best way to use a selfie stick is not to use it at all.

Reddit | BreadOnFire

Instead, just hold it up like a royal selfie scepter while you make the face everyone makes before being told to say "cheese."

11. I think this is the only time I'd kinda buy it if this guy said, "Haters will say it's Photoshop."

Reddit | flyingfrig

I mean, it probably is, but the fact that he remembered to wear the mask makes it a lot easier to suspend disbelief.

It's the little things.

12. This guy is apparently domesticating that iguana by feeding it bananas.

Reddit | BugsJits

I'm not sure how that facial expression helps the process along, but maybe he's speaking lizard to it or something.

If it wants to hang in our world, it better get used to phones and cameras.

13. Let it never be said that taking the perfect selfie doesn't involve making sacrifices.

Reddit | DeepStatic

Usually, the biggest cost is the time it takes to finally get it right, but this guy can boast some battle scars perfect for an exaggerated story about this.

14. Most of these pieces of perfection took a whole bunch of planning, but sometimes, the world gift-wraps one for you. 

Reddit | Rava33

Apparently, that kid in the background saw a scary YouTube ad, and the parent knew they had a greater responsibility than actually appearing in the photo.

15. Anybody can just buy a selfie stick, but they'll never know the satisfaction that comes from making one yourself.

Reddit | drjsingh

See? Look at all that satisfaction on their faces. That's not fear that their new creation will suddenly break at all.

16. But the real Instagram inventors will take the game way farther than just putting their phones on a stick.

Instagram | @kalesalad

So, let's see. We've got a mirror for positioning, lights and a camera. All that thing needs is a cupholder, and it'll move millions.

17. Sometimes, the selfie is only a stepping stone towards something even greater.

Reddit | music99

In this case, it is merely a vehicle to document a momentous occasion that needs to be known far and wide. a new hat. Now that you know, you can proudly answer the billboard.

18. This perfectly timed shot was the ideal way to introduce the new, ambitious double selfie. 

Reddit | Sylvia_c

A special dedication goes to the friend in the background who sacrificed a spot next to the more interesting horse to make this happen.

We, and this silly horse, salute her.

19. Sure, this girl loses a few points for presentation, but the fact that this is actually a selfie and not a picture of these guys' feet is a victory on its own.

Reddit | Aschebescher

Bonus points for somehow getting one of their angry faces in the shot.

20. I feel like the fact that this guy was able to keep such an unbothered expression about this is its own achievement.

Reddit | i_heart_calibri_12pt

Wait, maybe that's what the sunglasses are for. Maybe his eyes are bugging out like crazy and we'd never know the difference.

Pretty sneaky.

21. This panoramic selfie probably would've looked fine as planned, but it's legendary now that this girl sneezed.

Reddit | JuddJasper

And really, if a sneeze is gonna hijack my body and spill my drink, the least it can do is give me two heads in return.

It's only fair.

22. Haha, I wonder if this dude would've been OK with the guy just taking a normal picture of him.

Twitter | @scixpmas

But no, he had to go there — and now, this man has come to the sad realization that his shirt is doing more harm than good.


23. Whoa, I'm glad this one turned out as well as it did because I doubt anyone's gonna be that eager to take another one.

Reddit | rataferoz7

Actually, maybe they already did. That would explain why the guy in the front seems to be having second thoughts about this.

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