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16 Times We Could Pinpoint Exactly When The Day Turned Sour

Diply 3 Jul 2018

When I leave the house every morning, I look a lot like a timid groundhog. But instead of looking for my shadow, I'm watching for a sign to tell me whether the day is gonna suck or not.

When that sign comes, it can turn the whole day sour. And not the fun sour that you get with Sour Patch Kids. It's a gross kind of sour, like spoiled milk.

But at least we're not the only ones who know that feeling well.

1. I'm not sure whether it's worse for airport security to giggle when they see this, or carefully examine her and gesture like they're squishing her head.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

I don't think it's a big mystery as to how this happened, though.

"She doesn't fit. Just stretch her, it's fine."

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2. Sometimes you don't even notice the worst moment of the day until it's far too late.

Reddit | idea4granted

Although it's hard to imagine how this could happen without making some unsettling crashing sounds. I doubt the door buckled all that quietly either.

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3. Yikes! I seem to remember a time when airlines wouldn't show anything that even mentioned a plane crash, but those days are apparently over.

Reddit | cmronhrrington

Well, maybe not. I have to admit that this channel getting disconnected because of "normal aircraft movement" is a little suspicious.

It's a cover-up.

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4. Oof, I guess it's not impossible for the day to literally turn sour when it starts to suck.

Reddit | makezaphodgreatagain

OK, I don't actually know if bugs taste sour at all, but it makes more sense than saying the day turned "unnervingly crunchy."

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5. Uh-oh, I think that's the exact code phrase her inner demon needed in order to activate, because her reflection is eerily happy about this.

Instagram | @will_ent

I'm not sure what her being a Gemini has to do with any of this, but maybe the guy thinks all Geminis have mirror demons?

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6. I wonder, was this just an unfortunate coincidence, or does the drill sergeant really hate that guy in particular?

Reddit | pp0787

On the plus side, maybe he'll get extra credit for being as disciplined as the other guys under suckier circumstances.

Or maybe I don't get how training works.

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7. If the actual course of history were this easy to change, I feel like this would explain a lot about our world right now.

Reddit | nosiggins

"The housing market was going strong until 2008, when the plans to keep it afloat were eaten by a small dog."

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8. I gotta say, the cousin is taking this surprisingly well considering how disrespectful and inconvenient this is. |

Like, even if he agrees that he was talking a bunch of nonsense, he still needs to eat at some point. Well, as long as he's happy.

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9. I really can't blame this kid for recoiling in horror because even his mom seems to be barely keeping that smile up. 

Reddit | astrotypical

I really hope this person didn't also try to do the voice. Unless it's for a horror movie audition, nobody needs to hear that.

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10. Yeah, the fact that they got at least three people together to agree to this somehow makes it even worse.

Reddit | NoblePancake

Plus, you know they're yelling in mean voices because you can call a dog any horrible name you want, as long as you sound happy enough.

Y'all are canceled.

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11. Um...I'm not sure that in-ground toilets are much of a selling point.

Reddit | Admirable_Mushroom

Like, are you just supposed to let your legs stretch under the door? Well, then you'll just end up tripping everybody!

I tell you, this terrible design has already brought nothing but chaos and hardship.

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12. Based on their facial expressions, I think the guy on the left booked this campsite and has stayed in denial ever since he arrived.

Reddit | agent_fuzzyboots

Actually, you can see all of the stages of grief represented here. In case you haven't guessed, the eating guy is in the acceptance stage.

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13. The moment the day turned sour here wasn't when they finished this, but when its letters started falling off.

Instagram | @sciexpatmasyas1

I wish Sta Rick happiness too, but this is supposed to be about St. Patrick's day. I think they started "celebrating" long before they finished making this.

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14. This is conflicting because I feel this guy's energy, but I also know that struggle when the only guy who won't sit down is right in front of you. 

Reddit | biloneL

Who knows, maybe he'll scream out "Freebird!" and make it easier for everyone to call him the bad guy.

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15. You know, it's somehow more insulting that the scammer went with some generic picture of a GameCube here.

Twitter | @scixpmas

Like, if they sent one of themselves enjoying it and flipping me off, I'd at least know I somehow inspired some interesting resentment.

Lazy evil is the worst kind.

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16. Well, this is about to suck, but I'd argue the kids don't need to look that worried.

Instagram | @thesavageposts

After all, I don't imagine the guy who's losing will be all that mad when that soccer ball wrecks everything.

The rest depends on how popular the winner is.

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