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24 Things We Relate To On A Deep, Personal Level

I'm not saying you can judge the quality of your friendship by the memes your friend tags you in, but you gotta admit that it's a good way to gauge whether they get you or not.

If they keep bringing a bunch of polka memes to you and that's not your jam at all, it's a warning sign. And yes, polka memes are probably a thing.

Whereas if they show you something like these, they're probably riding the right wave.

1. Not only is it hard to resist this temptation, but I even think the reply is missing the point.

Instagram | @mememang

If you're already committed to eating raw cookie dough, why kid yourself at all?

It's not suddenly safe to eat undercooked chicken when the presentation is nice, right?.

2. I'm glad it's not just me who instantly wonders how tall of a tower I can make when I see some weird chairs. 

Reddit | Couro_

If you're not even a little tempted to do this, I don't know who stole your childhood, but I swear I'll avenge you.

3. Yeah, this guy 100% knows we're making garlic bread when we do this.

Instagram | @no_chillgirl

Sure, you put a frozen pizza or something in there and you can trust that the timer will tell you when it's done.

But with precious garlic bread? That's just neglect.

4. I had this exact problem as a kid, but we can apply this reaction to the school experience in general.

Twitter | @meriah_j

I mean, are you gonna pretend this wasn't your first reaction to homework? I'm definitely not.

5. Nah, I think the ones who need help are whoever made these mannequins, because who stands like this? 

Instagram | @will_ent

It's a natural instinct to imitate them when they're this weird. Like, are we making sure our clothes don't clash with the moment after we sit on a thumbtack?

6. It's OK. We can admit it. We've all been mad at a video game at some point in our lives.

Reddit | Finwich

And that's why this poor soul shared their tragic tale with us. Apparently, when you throw a controller on the ground, they bounce.

An important safety tip.

7. Well, look at this guy acting all casual after he just changed the whole game like this.

Reddit | Ethanzap02

And before you start worrying about buttery hoods, the trick is to set a hoodie aside specifically so you can do this.

Not even reclining seats can save theaters now.

8. Let's just say that if this catches on, we'll probably see a lot more people wearing it than not.

Instagram | @tank.sinatra

You can't see me, but I have four coworkers in my direct line of sight and they're all hilarious, so you better appreciate my focus here.

9. I always knew this was secretly going on. The attacks were just too effective.

Reddit | JetlumAjeti

Toy Story always showed the toys really wanting to play with Andy, but this seems more realistic.

If I drop you and break your arm, are you trying to make it happen again? Nah...

10. Wow, this Tinder profile is so me, you guys. I can't believe they got it, but I am also a real human.

Reddit | DadsFireMixtape

And that part about breathing the air and walking with my leg is so true. I even have two, so that's so much crazier!

11. This may not be my first choice for a pool toy, but I have to admit it would be hard not to feel safe in his strong arms.

Instagram | @no_chillgirl

Plus, you can't beat that never-ending friendliness and positivity. He just never stops smiling for anything.

12. I don't know what law made it so that every case has a misshapen can, but I always get rid of it ASAP.

Reddit | Captain_Karfuzzel

Sure, pouring it into a glass was probably wiser than turning my life into a gassy mess for a while, but oh well.

13. I've let things that weren't nearly this pleasant stay in my room just because I didn't want to deal with them.

Instagram | @will_ent

That's underrated. I used to not like spiders until I was too lazy to get rid of one. Some time passed and ta-da, we're buds.

14. No matter how much you tell yourself this is good for you, you'll still be nostalgic for their old, bad habits.

Instagram | @x__antisocial_butterfly__x

"Remember when our favorite thing to do as a family was sit around and eat pizza? Why can't we go back to that?"

15. A healthy shopping experience should be 30% actually buying what you want and 70% goofing off like this.

Reddit | d77m

Like, unless the store you're in only sells office supplies or something, you should find at least something to muck around with.

Halloween is a particularly good gold mine.

16. Haha, that's pretty much the face we make through all this too.

Instagram | @pablopiqasso

At least in this scenario, bae's actually asking. Other times, we can sum it up as, "I don't like this, but you're having fun, and I'm not wrecking that."

17. Well, you know what they say. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Instagram | @will_ent

And besides, how much ruder of an awakening can you get then, "Get up, you have to work literally right this minute"?

I'm glad someone else respects that.

18. This was obviously built like this, but if I actually saw it right now, I'd say, "That seems about right."

Reddit | kayaker4lifee

Getting up to go to work may be a drag, but if that work isn't outside, you end up counting your blessings on days like this.

19. I'm not saying this happens to me often, but I am saying that if it's happening anywhere, it's gonna be in a public bathroom.


I don't know if mixing everyone's bacteria in one place curses it or something, but it's a total bad luck zone.

20. Yeah, if this doesn't outright define relationship goals, then the term might as well not exist.

Instagram | @tank.sinatra

Of course, the tragic issue is that finding someone as lazy as me takes effort, and that's exactly what neither of us want to put in.

*sigh* We're so star-crossed.

21. I don't have pets, but I would probably do this if I did.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

Like, there's no way they're thinking the same thing when we ask, "You know what sucks?" but they're curious about the sounds we're making, and that's good enough.

22. If you've ever felt doubt linger when you said, "Oh, that's just a bad picture of me," then may this image wipe all that away.

Instagram | @no_chillgirl

It's just like how the world always seems to wait until I'm weirdly red before someone takes a picture of me.

23. Haha, even though nobody's ever cut me out of the picture, my height does always end up putting me in the back. 

Instagram | Instagram

And the problem is that when you get enough people together, finding me turns into a game of Where's Waldo. At least Piglet stands out here.

24. Haha, I guarantee this is the exact face most of us make when we're trying to get someone to fall for our bull crap explanations.

Reddit | CarlBower

If the story doesn't go, "I was messing around and then I knocked something over and made a mess," that's the face.

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