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15+ Clothing Hacks To Keep Your Style On Point

Your wardrobe is one of the clearest ways to show off your personality. It's also one of the first things people notice when they meet you for the first time. Since our clothes can be so important, we need to make sure we take care of them and find ways to make them as comfortable and stylish as possible.

Whether you need help cleaning a stain or figuring out how to get more looks from your current closet, these hacks will get your look on point in no time.

19. Transform a button-down shirt

Instagram | @garimasgoodlife

A classic button-down should be a style staple in every closet. However, there comes a point where even the classics need a bit of a revamp. Enter this awesome trick.

2. Use a salad spinner to dry delicate clothes

Hello Nest

If you're in a rush, a salad spinner can help you dry delicate items quickly. I will definitely keep this tip from Hello Nest in mind the next time I do laundry.

6. Pop fuzzy sweaters in the freezer

Hello Nest

Have you ever worn a cozy sweater that sheds everywhere? Not so chic, right? Hello Nest suggests popping your sweater in the freezer for three to four hours to reduce fuzzies.

1.Stick a pantyliner in your shoe to absorb moisture

The Krazy Koupon Lady

Sweaty feet are uncomfortable and they seem unavoidable in the summer. The Krazy Koupon Lady suggests placing a pantyliner in your shoes to help absorb any moisture.

14. Get crayon stains out of clothes


WikiHow says to try freezing your clothes and then using a sharp paring knife to scrape off the excess crayon.

Grab some paper towels and place one on top of the stain and one underneath the stain. Using a warm iron, gently press down for up to 10 seconds to transfer the stain to the paper towels.

3. DIY polka dot tights

Say Yes

Love polka dots, but not ready to fully commit to the look? Say Yes has an awesome trick for temporary polka dot tights. Try using a chalkboard marker on your tights to make a dot pattern. After a wash, the polka dots will be gone.

13. Organize your boots

Instagram | @raising_boys_and_barbells_

Tall boots are perfect for fall but I don't love how much space they take in my closet. Keep those boots in line with a few pool noodles cut down to size. They'll prop up your boots and keep them from getting floppy.

18. Get a racerback bra instantly

Instagram | @shemeansbeauty

Hide those bra straps and show off a cute racerback shirt with the help of a paperclip. Simply clip your straps together — it's just that easy.

4. Get rid of static

The Mamas Girls

Static cling is the worst in the winter. It's kind of hard to look your best when your clothes are sticking in random spots. According to The Mamas Girls. Try attaching a safety pin to your clothes to diffuse static electricity. Yup, it's that easy.

8. No more awkward low flies

Reddit | flatblack79

I am fairly certain that there is nothing more awkward than having a friend point out that your fly is low. I'm cringing just thinking about it.

Avoid this social disaster by using a keyring to hook your button and fly zipper together. Problem solved.

22. Stretch out tight shoes

The Krazy Koupon Lady

Breaking in new shoes can be a real pain. According to The Krazy Koupon Lady Try wearing thick socks and blowdrying the shoes to stretch them out quickly.

This also tip also works on older shoes that are a bit snug.

5. Use nail clippers to snip threads

Reddit | 9millaThrilla

Nail clippers can snip small threads easily and without damaging your clothes. Huh, why didn't I think of this? It just goes to show you that there's a hack for everything.

7. Stack your shirts in drawers

Reddit | magichat

My drawers are a nightmare and it seems like my shirts are always wrinkled as a result. Try stacking your shirts sideways instead of piling them on top of each other. You'll probably be able to fit more in your drawers, as well.

9. Hang up your pants with ease

Reddit | bangerang1988

Shower curtain hooks are also the perfect hooks to hang up your pants. I guess this means that I have to clean up that big pile of pants on the floor of my room now, huh?

20. Extend your bras

Instagram | @thesecurves

If you're between sizes and don't want to waste money on a new bra wardrobe just yet, visit your local sewing section. You can buy hook and eye clasps and use them as temporary bra extenders.

10. Collect that pet hair

Reddit | CleverGirlwithadd

I'm sure pet hair is one accessory you'd rather not embellish your outfit with. A rubber koosh ball works well if you don't have a lint roller handy. You can also try using rubber gloves to get that pet hair off your clothes.

11. Prevent buttons from falling off

Reddit | GlumConfidence89

Strengthen button threads with a little bit of clear nail polish. The nail polish will create a nice seal so that your buttons don't unexpectedly pop off.

15. This hack for those on a shoestring budget

Instagram | @barbarannkym

If you're literally on a shoestring budget, you can fix a bra that has split in the middle with shoestrings. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

12. We've finally discovered the use for this

Twitter | @Francheskahor6

I can't be the only one who thought these buttons were purely decorative, right. Right? Apparently, these flaps help you secure your bag on your shoulder. Ohhhhhhh, now I get it. Thanks for the tip!

16. Keep your zipper secure

Reddit | prchm

Sew a small hook clasp near your collar to lock your zipper in place. Winter is coming and we want to be as bundled as possible.

Place the pool noodle over your clothesline and drape your clothes.

The How-To Home

The pool noodle cushions your clothes and will prevent that harsh line from forming while your items dry. You can make mini versions of this hack with clothes hangers, too.

17. Brides, listen up!

Reddit | see2keroppi

You know those heavy-duty Ikea bags? Grab one before your big day and cut out the bottom. When you need to use the ladie's room, the bag will help you hold your skirt up and avoid any washroom-related fashion disasters.

With a few tucks and ties, you can wear this shirt as a strapless tunic.

Instagram | @garimasgoodlife

How cute would this look at a summer BBQ? Garima's Good life came up with this neat trick. It's like two shirts for the price of one.

21. Use a pool noodle for your clothesline

The How-To Home

The How-To Home has a great idea for eliminating wrinkles and dents caused by the clothesline. Grab a pool noodle and cut it down the middle.

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