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24 Soul-Destroying Nail Struggles We've All Had To Put Up With

If you've ever had your nails done in your life, you'll know that no matter how flawless you look, it's no cakewalk.

There are some real-life struggles we've all had to deal with that get so annoying, they start to chip away at your soul...and then your top coat.

1. Breaking a nail is basically the epitome of betrayal. 

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There are so many different emotions we go through when this happens. Usually, it starts with shock and horror before slowly moving on to denial and, eventually, anger and hurt.

And it stays that way until your next salon appointment.

2. It's really annoying when you break a nail but nobody around you even cares.

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This is why it's important to make friends with people who also find nail upkeep highly important — you know, so you can bond over moments like this.

3. When your nails aren't done yet, everything just feels so wrong.

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You suddenly have the most un-fabulous baby hands in the world and you can't help but feel like everyone is staring at you, just judging you and your uggo hands.

4. When your claws are long but the world refuses to cater to your needs.

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I'm sorry, but you did nothing to deserve being treated this way.

So you want to have fabulous nails! Tell me why that is that so wrong.

5. Choosing the right nail color is stress.

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First, you think you want to do a deep blue, but then the pinks catch your eye. Suddenly, you're 10 shades deep into the cherry reds until you finally settle on nude, like last time.

6. Seriously, sometimes you have to call in backup to figure out which color to go with.

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Even if that means you're mid-argument with your boyfriend. Their opinion is still valid.

7. Having long nails is both a blessing and a curse.

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Sure, you look like a 10/10, but the questions people approach you with are next-level annoying and even a bit too personal.

Handing out cards like this is going to save you a lot of time.

8. Having long, glamorous claws means that you can't play guitar.

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And if you're a guitar player, well, you have to give up one passion: nails or music. It's Sophie's Choice.

9. The invention of the dual-flush toilet instead of just using the handle was clearly out to get anybody with long nails.

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Seriously, I'm willing to bet my next paycheck that it was invented by a man.

Update: I googled it and I was right. It was a man.

10. There's honestly nothing quite worse than having to move and give up your beloved nail technician.

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Finding a new salon that actually does a decent job is hard to do, okay?

11. Some people just straight-up don't know how to do nails. |

And it's frustrating because you don't know this about a technician until after you get them done and you've spent all your money.

12. Why are these the truest words that have ever been written?

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I swear, I'd still be rocking my toenail polish from two summers ago if I hadn't bothered to take it off.

13. Is it possible to equally love and hate a picture this much?

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Anyone with fake nails knows this struggle, and it's the worst when it happens.

But oh man, is it ever relatable.

14. Like we said, long nails are great, but the world just isn't ready to completely embrace them yet.

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Suddenly, you realize you've taken for granted doing even the smallest, simplest tasks.

15. If there's ever been a benefit to having long nails, being able to efficiently dunk your Oreos in milk is definitely one of them.

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This should be a sign in nail salons, honestly.

16. Is this the truth or is this the truth?

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And it all happens so fast. It's like every single time you go, you forget that they're going to ask you this, and you panic.

What if they're too long? What if they're too short???

17. Even if you love long nails, there is such a thing as having them too long.

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That line is the difference between being able to comfortably type/text and not being able to function.

18. We've all been in that position where you get your nails done and they look fabulous, but then, you get asked to do something that could totally mess them up.

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You basically have to act like they're made out of glass so you don't ruin them.

19. And if you paint your nails at home, well, smudging them while they're drying is basically the end of the world.

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I swear I've been brought to tears by this before.

Especially when you get your right hand looking good for once, and then this happens.

20. There have been some pretty bizarre nail trends that have come out over the last few years. |

And just because you're someone who gets their nails done a lot does NOT mean you want to try this stuff out.

21. If you want to avoid acrylics and grow your nails out naturally, it's not as easy as it might seem. |

It feels like it takes forever because they keep chipping and breaking and basically ruining your life.

22. Some of us can't help but pick at our nails. |

And to the biters out there: You're not alone.

I know we've tried it all, but sometimes you can't help it, no matter how much money it's costing you.

23. Pinterest nails are so gorgeous, but the talent it takes to do it yourself is unreal.

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And that's why DIY fails are a very common thing and nail salons are thriving.

24. Getting your toes painted, or even doing them yourself, means you have to master the awkward waddle from place to place.

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And nothing is more uncomfortable than those toe separators, am I right?