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The 24 Most Useful Beauty Reviews From Real People

Diply 3 Jul 2018

When it comes to beauty products, reviews can offer some of the most helpful tips on earth.

In addition to the product’s instructed use, real people supply us with hacks from their own trial-and-error experiences to help us get the most out of our products.

1. Does your skin need a morning pick-me-up?

Instagram | @h4z311

“You can never go wrong with the Mario Badescu facial spray,” suggests Reddit user Xoxneesa. They praise the product for boosting their tired-looking skin.

“I drench my face in it constantly,” says Xoxneesa.

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2. Be sure to moisturize before using a Matte Liquid Lipstick from Kylie Cosmetics.

Instagram | @kyliecosmetics

“They are very drying,” says one reviewer. “But if you apply a lip balm like Aquaphor before applying the liquid lipstick it should help prevent overly dry lips!”

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3. If you have dry skin, Fenty Foundation may not work for you.

Instagram | @badgalriri

Rihanna's Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation *takes breath* may have gotten a lot of praise, but those with drier skin might want to avoid matte foundations.

"It is very drying," said one Sephora reviewer. “I have used a primer and multiple different moisturizers, yet I am still left with patches of dry skin when using this foundation.”

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4. You can also try giving your makeup sponge a spritz of the same facial spray.

Instagram | @cool_teach

"I sometimes spray my Beauty Blender with it before using it with my Fenty foundation,” says Reddit user cr4zy-cat-lady. “It really helps give a little hydration to a potentially drying foundation.”

Makes sense to us!

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5. Be careful how you store your Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog | Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

Because this product has a tendency to dry out, Reddit user Mrs-Mitchell suggests storing it "straight up with the tip facing down.”

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6. And when you're ready to apply the liner, try this tip!

Instagram | @ydnvrb_

“It is VITAL to let it dry first,” says one Sephora reviewer.

“If, for example, your eyes are sensitive and tend to tear up when you're applying makeup, the tears might make it smudge away if it still isn't dry."

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7. The applicator could make all the difference when applying Kat Von D's Lock-It Tattoo Foundation.

Instagram | @beckyoharaxoxo

“I hated this foundation when I first got it,” says one reviewer. “But then I decided to use a Beauty Blender rather than a brush and now it's my Holy Grail foundation!”

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8. Take a moment between applying Benefit's Porefessional Face Primer and your foundation. 

Instagram | @benefitcosmeticsuk

“After applying, I usually wait a few minutes (I brush my teeth) before using my Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation,” says one reviewer.

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9. Before you invest in a Laura Mercier setting powder, you might want to consider this review.

Instagram | @lawyermakeup

"Not really for all skin tones as stated since even on my pale skin, it does create a paler complexion," says one reviewer.

Also, the reviewer explains, "Only use in [your] T-zone as it does create a fairly matte effect."

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10. Try not to overuse your Moroccan Oil Treatment.

Instagram | @moroccanoil

“This is a TREATMENT,” writes one reviewer. ”So don't use it every single day or else the silicone will build up in your hair!”

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11. Your makeup brushes don’t have to break the bank.

Instagram | @realtechniques

Reddit user livig11 suggests buying your brushes from Real Techniques.

“Performance of high-quality brushes for less than the price. I wouldn’t call them cheap or pricey. They are right in the middle but they last so long that they are really worth the price!” says livig11.

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12. You don't have to spend a fortune on eyeshadow primer, either.

Instagram | @heath3rawr

According to Reddit user noys, the HD Eyeshadow Base from NYX is "just $7 and it's as good as Lorac or NARS primers."

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13. If you're looking for a blinding highlight, try the Amrezy Highlighter from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Sephora | gonerogue

According to one Sephora reviewer, “It gives you a wet, blinding highlight with only taking a tiny bit on a brush.”

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14. The Dry Fast Top Coat from Seche Vite may be as good — or even better — than what your nail salon has to offer.

Instagram | @yui_hair.make.nail

"[I] take it with me when I have my nails done," says one reviewer, "Better than the product they use to dry the nails."

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15. Don't have time to paint your nails? Give Nail Art Designs from Incoco a try.

Instagram | @yukiallzero

"I did an experiment and tried the Incoco polish strips on half of my nails and polish on the others," explains one reviewer, "By day 10 every nail with Essie had chipped while the Incoco strips were still beautiful."

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16. If you're getting a head start on summer with the In-Shower Gradual Tan from St. Tropez, here are a few tips.

Instagram | @customvintagedublin

One reviewer recommends that "shutting off the shower, patting dry and THEN applying this works best. I'd also wait a few extra minutes past the recommended 3 to wash off."

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17. Need a safe place to store that hot curling iron?

Poshmark | Poshmark

Ulta Beauty makes a Heat Resistant Tote and Holder for all your styling tools, and the reviews on it are great!

"The ability to throw a hot iron in there and go is a plus. I'd give this 10 stars if I could," said one reviewer.

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18. Girlfriends everywhere say the Beard Envy Kit from Billy Jealousy makes a great gift for your beau.

Instagram | @billyjealousycanada

"My pickie husband loves it and he hates new things," said one reviewer.

"His beard smells amazing and it's so soft!" said another. Aha! So it's a gift for you, too!

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19. Try using your E.L.F. Cosmetics' Glow on the Go Selfie Light on your eyeshadow palette as well!

Instagram | @itsjustme_dev

"When I don't have access to my lighted mirror I attach this to the mirrored palette I'm using and it really does the trick," explains one reviewer.

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20. If you're using the Color Correcting Concealer palette from NYX, take it easy on the initial application.

Instagram | @heygorgeousxxx

"Pro tip: make sure you use a little product at first. If you need more, you can always add more," warns one reviewer.

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21. NYX Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray can be used to give your eyeshadow a pigment boost.

Instagram | @alatmakeup

"I also use it on my brushes to add pigment to my highlight or eyeshadow," notes one reviewer.

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22. If you care about the ingredients in your face products, you might want to avoid Farsáli's Unicorn Essence serum. 

Instagram | @ __cosmetiks_original__

If you follow beauty bloggers on Instagram, then you’ve definitely seen this product before.

But according to one Sephora reviewer, it’s not the most natural of serums.

“This is filled with fillers and ingredients that are proven to cause skin irritation and sensitivity,” says the review.

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23. You also might want to pass on IGK’s Foamo Holographic Hair Foam.

Sephora | gonerogue

“The product has a tendency of leaving all of the color and glitter on your hands rather than on your hair,” says one reviewer.

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24. And finally: Take extra care of your Huda Beauty false lashes!

Instagram | @cosm_addict

"I used them 34 times before they broke," says one reviewer. "If you take them off carefully and properly clean them, they'll last you a while."

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