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23 Cheap Hacks For Bathrooms That Are Totally Easy To Do

Diply 3 Jul 2018

I feel like bathrooms are one of the rooms that get pretty neglected when it comes to home decor and organizing. If you were to look in my bathroom, I've basically just tossed all sorts of stuff around and shoved things under my sink.

I have a few things here and there to make it welcoming, but overall it's definitely one of the least considered places in terms of decor and organization. I can't wait to put some of these hacks into action!

1. Add A Bottle Of Rocks To Your Toilet Tank

Pinterest | Pinterest

Not only will this cut back on your use of water when you flush, it'll also save you money in the long run!

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2. Use Command Hooks To Organize Hair Tools

Pinterest | Pinterest

When it comes to most things, if they aren't in my line of vision or easy to reach, I probably won't use them. That is definitely true for all of my hair tools, so this would make it so much easier!

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3. Utilize Ikea Spice Racks As Extra Shelves

Suite Revival | Suite Revival

These Ikea spice racks are one of the most hacked Ikea products I've ever seen and for good reason! They make dope shelves for any room in your home.

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4. Install A Shower Timer

Twitter | @DeborahSchaff

If you keep finding yourself having extra long showers without realizing it, a waterproof timer like this might just be the thing you need to stay on time.

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5. Use A Toilet Paper Roll To Keep Cords In Check

Creative Pink Butterfly | Creative Pink Butterfly

Another reason I don't use my hair tools is because they are a tangled mess and take too long to untangle in the morning when I'm in a rush.

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6. Clean Your Tiles With The Help Of A Drill

Reddit | DingoDamp

Scrubbing those tiles clean with a toothbrush sounds like a special kind of hell. If you're lazy like me, this is a much better idea.

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7. Hang Wicker Baskets To Make Shelves

Making Lemonade Blog | Making Lemonade Blog

This is a hack I've taken advantage of in the past and it definitely works! It's great for towels, candles, or any other interesting decor.

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8. Wrap Rope Around An Old Box For Storage

Elizabeth Jones Design | Elizabeth Jones Design

I buy a lot of things from Amazon, so I have a ton of empty boxes. It's surprising what a little hot glue and rope can do to transform a piece of trash!

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9. Upcycle Mason Jars To Class Up Your Sink

Mason Jar Crafts Love | Mason Jar Crafts Love

A quick coat of chalk paint and a little bit of distressing goes a long way to make your mason jars look vintage-y cool. Then use them for soaps, toothbrushes, flowers and more!

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10. Attach Magnets To The Back Of Your Makeup

LauraThoughts81 | LauraThoughts81

My makeup is currently scattered all over the top of our bathroom counters, much to the annoyance of anyone who visits. This is a great way to utilize vertical space in small spaces!

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11. Utilize A Utensil Organizer In A Bathroom Drawer

The Activity Mom | The Activity Mom

Want to keep ugly toothbrushes out of sight? Toss a utensil organizer in a drawer and assign one slot for each person!

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12. Use Shampoo Bottles To Hold Down Your Shower Curtain

LifeHack | LifeHack

This is one hack that I've used soooo many times. My shower curtain always seems to want to either attack me in the shower or fly outwards, causing tons of leaks. This is genius!

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13. Store And Organize Items In An Empty Diaper Wipes Containers

Gibbys Place | Gibbys Place

These containers are great for storing all sorts of things you don't want little hands to get on! Keeping my lady products all in one spot would make it so much easier to find them when I need them.

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14. Keep Hairpins Organized With Magnetic Tape

Superwoman | Superwoman

My boyfriend is not a fan of all the hairpins scattered around our apartment. This is an easy way to keep them organized and on hand!

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15. Use Vintage Door Knobs To Hang Towels

Not Just A Housewife | Not Just A Housewife

Currently, I use an over-the-door rack with hooks for towels, but they are honestly an eyesore. These vintage door knobs are much cuter!

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16. Install A Pegboard To Utilize Vertical Space

Stacy Davis | Hometalk

I have a pegboard in my craft studio and it's an amazing way to utilize vertical space without putting lots of holes in the wall. This would be great in a small rental bathroom!

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17. Build An Over The Toilet PVC Shelf

Instructables | audreyobscura

PVC pipe is a relatively inexpensive (and super easy!) way to build the bones of any shelving unit. With a little bit of spray paint and some wood, this is a gorgeous way to make space!

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18. Give Your Shower Curtain A Sassy Upgrade

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

Your shower curtain makes a big statement in your bathroom! It's definitely a bold piece of decor that shouldn't be taken lightly. Try making your own with this tutorial.

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19. Recycle Old Towels Into A Bath Rug

Fine Craft Guild | Fine Craft Guild

Take your old bath towels and turn them into a shaggy bath rug! The towels absorb the water better than any cheap dollar store rug ever will.

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20. Add Some Storage To The Inside Of Your Cabinet Door

StickOnPods | StickOnPods

If you're running out of storage space, why not look to the inside of your cabinet doors? You can pick up some small shelves and adhesive at the dollar store for cheap!

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21. Put A Few Drops Of Essential Oils On A Toilet Paper Roll

One Crazy House | One Crazy House

This hack is super useful when you've got a few stinky friends over. Every time they use the toilet paper roll, the scent will fill the room instead.

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22. De-wrinkle Your Clothes Through Shower Steam

Wonderful Engineering | Wonderful Engineering

If you don't own a steamer and don't have time to iron, this hack can definitely be useful in a pinch. It doesn't work quite as well, but at least you won't look like a total slob.

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23. DIY A Wine Cork Bath Mat

Crafty Nest | Crafty Nest

Nothing says fancy AF like a homemade wine cork bath mat. This will definitely turn your bathroom into the spa oasis you totally deserve.

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Which bathroom hacks are you going to try right away?!

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COMMENT to let us know which hacks you are most excited for, and don't forget to SHARE with your friends.

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