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16 People Who Should've Saved The Receipt On Their Day

Diply 3 Jul 2018

There aren't a lot of upsides to buying a crappy product, but at least there are all sorts of ways you can complain about it now.

Back in the day, my grandma would write letters directly to the companies that wronged her, but now it only takes one little tweet before somebody slides into your DMs to make it right.

Sadly, the only one who doesn't have a complaints department is the world itself. Otherwise, these people would be swimming in free stuff.

1. Wow, it was very rude of these clubs not to wait until this person realized how much they hated the game before they broke. 

Reddit | idkreddit47

Now what are they supposed to break over their knee after they hit the sand trap for the fifth time?

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2. It already takes the sting out of your rebellion when people just roast your spelling, but when the cops do it?

Reddit | tater2650

Basically being told, "We are actual agents of the man you're trying to stick it to, and we just find you hilarious," must be disheartening.

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3. Everybody hates that person who asks if you wanna play 52 Pickup, but this literal interpretation of Magic The Gathering is even worse.

Reddit | festizzioirl

And if life works like I think it does, it'll make the wind blow and set this game of 252 Pickup on level hard.

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4. Oh, boy, looks like we have a bad boy rebel who doesn't play by the rules on our hands.

Reddit | Ganeshadream

It's just too bad that they lived up to that description in the pettiest and least awesome way possible.

What did those dogs do to their soul?

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5. Aw man, the seal is the only part of this bottle that isn't broken, so nobody got to have any fun in this situation.

Reddit | Reddit

The street doesn't drink, the customer wasted their money, and whoever walks through here is stuck playing live-action Minesweeper.

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6. It shouldn't be hard to figure out which sign to follow, but somebody obviously found out the truth the hard way.

Reddit | MrGavinBell

I love the way the top one is smudged, though. It makes the warning seem more cryptic like the bottom sign is a trap.

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7. Assuming this isn't Photoshopped, I need a team of scientists to explain how any of this happened. 

Reddit | SgtAutismo

Actually, they should break into groups because I'll need a whole 'nother team to explain how those wires are holding it up.

I need that on my desk by 3 p.m.

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8. I hope that car was a rental because it would literally be easier to find a needle in a haystack than those keys now.

Reddit | TheShoosher

Besides, even if they do find them, that fob is definitely broken, so good luck finding the car in the parking lot.

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9. Yeah, we already know that the kid's mom is gonna break out this picture when they bring somebody home.

Instagram | @streetcatto

Not only that, but explaining why she's wearing those ears is gonna get really tiring after the third time or so.

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10. Any day where you would actually need to use this pogo stick is a terrible one.

Reddit | Jentrins

That toilet would have to be magical to not just throw the whole thing away at that point. No handle jiggling, the chain never uncouples, all of that.

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11. Is there anything more emotionally frustrating than a really crappy situation you feel bad for getting mad at?

Instagram | @streetcatto

I would never want a canine companion to go all "Here's doggo!" through my wall, but it would just look too dang adorable to do anything about it.

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12. In case I even have to tell you at this point, that was a new lawnmower before it landed in the drink.

Reddit | XDarkneszFallsX

Actually, you know what? I think I'd feel worse for anyone whose drink looks anything like this swampy mess.

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13. I've been told otherwise, but I somehow find it hard to believe that there's this much of a demand for random bike parts.

Reddit | beanszzzz

But why else would anybody do this? Unless you're on a lifelong quest for strangely petty vengeance, it doesn't seem worth it.

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14. It turns out somebody forgot to put the parking brake on and their truck decided to do a Kool-Aid man impression at this dealership.

Reddit | PenguinPush

Gotta say, though. That hill must be steeper than it looks for it to crash through the fence and push that Jeep.

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15. Yikes, I don't think I've ever seen a moving mishap look this much like a planned military blockade in my life.

Twitter | @scixpmas

At least if whoever lives here ever needed a pizza delivered, the driver literally can't miss it. Good luck sleeping through all the honking, though.

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16. Apparently, someone actually wrecked this camera on purpose, and I can't imagine what could drive someone towards such a brutal act.

Reddit | mrsherbertsnapper

And before somebody hits me with that, "Um, actually, they just broke the glass in front of the lens," why would the brute stop there?

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