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16 People Making Struggle Work For Them

The struggle is real for many different reasons. Some people can handle it a lot better than others. We could really learn a thing or two from these people. Especially me, because when the struggle is real, I tend to panic.

1. No microwave? No problem

Instagram | @lezahjones

This is exactly why I disliked college dorm rooms and hotels. They don't come equipped with the things you need. This person knew how to think outside the box. I can't wait to try this.

2. Gotta spice things up

Twitter | @Buckets_McNasty

Now this is something I'm familiar with. I don't know why my younger self always complained that there was no food in the house. These days, I'll eat anything I can put together. Is this good?

3. I guess it works

Much Viral | Much Viral

I would like to see how this works myself. I know that if I tried it personally, the yogurt would probably slip through the tines of the fork and onto my clothing. Please, teach me your ways.

4. Mad skills

Legit Scoop | Legit Scoop

This is playing with fire. Being that eager teacher's pet that I was, you could always count on me for having a dozen extra pencils and a sharpener on hand. I hope they passed, because they earned it.

5. Sometimes you've gotta DIY

Reddit | candychaser21

Don't get me wrong, I love name-brand stuff. However, real brands often hurt my wallet and my heart. This girl is my hero. She just doesn't care!

6. Hey, you have to get your beauty sleep

Reddit | XenoFractal

I don't know what happened with my life, but I wish I took more naps. I envy people who can just sleep anywhere.

7. This is pretty much genius

Reddit | brendan1018

I wish I had the guts to do this in college. Anything to save some hard-earned money. I wonder if I could get away with it now?

8. I'd pick a better chair

Twitter | @THood98

I know car repairs are expensive, but I also know that comfort is key. If you have to do that, pick something with better padding.

9. At least he will never lose the lid 

Twitter | @mariahecl

You know what? We spend so much money on Tupperware containers only to lose their corresponding pieces. I'd say this guy knows things!

10. Well, some say you should live and breathe your job 

Reddit | nygiants_10

I'd say she's doing just that — she is blending in pretty well. I wonder if she got a promotion?

11. You should always have each other's back

Twitter | @rogerstrand97

Or in this case, heads. That doesn't look too comfortable though — somebody will definitely wake up feeling a bit sore. It is pretty adorable.

12. It's all about balance

Twitter | @THECoachBrandon

I wish I had the sense to do that back then. I always picked one or the other, and then paid for it later. Go girl!

13. Way to look on the bright side

Ball Memes | Ball Memes

I think that's what I should do every time my bank account is empty. Considering it a clean slate would certainly feel better than dread and despair

14. Well, it does the job

Imgur | anlyin

Besides, I bet it looks a lot cooler than most tap shoes anyway. At least they're one-of-a-kind. I'm really digging the glitter. I want a pair!

15. Whatever works

Twitter | @samiwert

Desperate times call for desperate measures when you are hungry. This hanger fork would definitely go well with the homemade Powerade containers. They could start a business together!

16. Sometimes you have to sweeten the deal |

We all need a little extra help sometimes. I don't know if I would reply. I would expect something chocolate because I'm sweeter than sugar.

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