These Clothing Brands Are Making Their Lingerie Lines More Inclusive

Diply 10 Apr 2017

For a long time, skin-tone intimates were all the same shade of light beige, which makes absolutely no sense considering people come in a ton of different shades. Now, a step towards inclusion has been taken as different brands are including a variety of hues in their skin-tone collections. Target is the latest and most well-known brand to do so, but there are a ton of other smaller companies doing the same thing – some of which have 10 or more colors to choose from! Now, there is a skin-tone lingerie set for everybody. Curious as to what other brands made the list? Keep on scrolling and check them out!

1. Target

Target | Target

Target recently added the following four shades to their skin-tone intimates collection: Cocoa, Caramel, Honey Beige, and Mochaccino. This makes them one of the more inclusive brands out there, definitely setting a positive example!

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2. Being U

being U | being U

Being U is a brand of lingerie that is diverse in color, as well as shape and size. There are five different shades to choose from, and bras go up to a size H!

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3. ThirdLove

Racked | Racked

ThirdLove has an awesome try before you buy program, along with several different bra styles, sizes, and shades. Bras come in cup sies AA-G and band sizes 22-42, and underwear comes in XS-XL. Talk about having something for every body!

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4. Nude Barre

Etsy | NudeBarre

In addition to tights and hoisery, Nude Barre has seamless underwear that comes in 12 different shades.

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5. Nudz

Racked | Racked

Nudz named their 10 diverse range of shades after different celebrities like Lupita Nyong'o and Adriana Lima. Well-known for their convertible strapless bra, sizes range from B-F, and in 10 different shades.

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6. Spanx

Spanx | Spanx

When it comes to shapewear, Spanx is the best of the best. Their Skinny Briches Mid-Thigh Shorts come in four different skin-tone colors, and are one of their best-sellers.

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