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12 Pics That Are Full Of Regret

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Everyone makes mistakes now and then — yup, even someone as great as me isn't perfect all the time. But the point is, we learn from our mistakes. But also, actually, the point is that we laugh. Boy, this is kind of a clunky intro, huh? Or is it actually the greatest, most meta intro ever?, I should do better in the future.

Well, enjoy these pics that, like me, are full of regret!

1. Horrible mistake? Or coolest effect ever?!

Imgur | adoradandy

I guess it's easier for us to enjoy the cool colors here when we're not the ones with a demonic stain on our hand all week.

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2. Crime doesn't pay! You can tell by that guy's face.

Twitter | @SteffanStorch

That is an honest face of regret right there — on a dishonest man. But something tells me he didn't get far with this plan.

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3. Taking a step back to admire your handywork, when suddenly it dawns on you...

Reddit | thejyo

There's only one thing to say in a moment like this. Taken straight from the words of the great poet Homer, "D'oh!"

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4. Maybe they're built like that for extra warmth?

Twitter | @georgeriggall

Nah, these are clearly meant for people on stilts or something. Honestly, you could cut the bottoms off and probably make a second pair with that much material!

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5. I wish she also included a pic of her face when she realized what had happened.

Twitter | @kennapilling

It's never a good idea to lay on an unknown dorm room bed — who knows what unspeakable atrocities have happened there.

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6. And this is why you'll always wanna take notes!

Twitter | @johnnnn_d

You can't trust your ears, and if you're like me, you can't trust your memory either. And this is why you'll always wanna take notes...did I already say that?

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7. If it looks stupid, but it works, it isn't stupid. This, however, didn't actually work.

Reddit | soju_b

I get that they wanted to take a screenshot, but at least Google a "how to" before photocopying the thing!

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8. Well, this is your life now, I guess.

Twitter | @devALMXGHTY

Better make camp, 'cause that place isn't gonna be empty any time soon. Didn't the lack of urinals tip you off? Whatever, enjoy your new stall home.

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9. I bet they never saw this mix-up coming.

Reddit | Shelbmax

Honestly, I never considered the impact a talking bird would have on this kind of technology before. Poor Larry, he just wanted some reading material!

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10. Ross looks pretty upset with his purchase.

Twitter | @adamhess1

Oh, my mistake, that's not Ross from Friends. Regardless, that mopey Ross-face is justified when being duped online. Always read that fine print, bro.

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11. At first, I thought it was weird to put the dip in with the nuggets, then I realized what really happened.

Twitter | @natures_flavors

They put the whole cutting board in there! Yeah, that's gonna take some effort to fix. And those poor nuggets!

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12. Sure, a lot of us have been in a similar situation, but I don't think many of us have gone this far!

Instagram | @kalesalad

This is totally like something out of The Hangover movies, LOL.

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