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16 Mistakes That We Would Never Own Up To

Diply 3 Jul 2018

I am forever grateful that none of my mistakes have been captured on camera and thrown around on the internet for others to laugh at. That I know of. But I'm even more grateful it happens to others so I know that when I mess up, it's really not that bad.

1. Both writing and sending this note, and thinking it would work even a little bit

Reddit | TheSilentCool

Katie my girl, you are brilliant. Whoever wrote this note should have immediately thrown it into the nearest trash bin, but at least it's available for all to see how not to ask out a woman.

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2. This giant spill of a mess that definitely ended in someone never wanting to look at paint again 

Reddit | sorenanker

I don't even think they went back to buy more. They just accepted that they were defeated, and went about the rest of their life. Because that's exactly what I would have done, after shedding a few tears of course.

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3. This person's failed attempt to enjoy a sweet treat

Reddit | piefacepro

It's better than bending a spoon in half, right? Because I cannot be the only person who would scoop their ice cream with a normal spoon, and then immediately face a lecture from mom about how I'm wrecking all the spoons.

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4. The mistake here was believing that you could pull off a recipe from Pinterest 

Reddit | halmarbdakji

Trying anything baking-related from Pinterest is more or less setting yourself up to fail. These were supposed to be chocolate-chip-cookie shot glasses for milk. Who would have guessed?

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5. Not measuring the area before installing your brand-new washing machine

Reddit | supreme-brick

It looks so great! Until you open the door and actually try to use it for the first time.

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6. When you try to add one more thing to the shelf...

Reddit | bhsx

Sometimes, you need to know your limits. But you should really know the limits of your shelves at all times.

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7. Why would you put the fate of your cheese sauce in someone else's hands?

Reddit | godlikeGadgetry

In my biased opinion, the first mistake here was wanting cheese for your fries, because that sounds disgusting. But moving past that, everyone knows you don't just leave sauce in a bag because it leads to a mess like this.

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8. This guy who just realized where he recognized his shirt from

Sizzle | Sizzle

One of those times where you feel it's on the tip of your tongue, but it's just not hitting you...until you buy it, and wear it literally anywhere in public.

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9. Too bad there wasn't anything that could stop this mess from happening

Imgur | Imgur

Oh wait. This is exactly why you should focus more on the cupholder and less on the Snapchat.

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10. I'm not even sure what led to this disaster, but I'm sure they at least regret their desk choice 

Reddit | nahidtislam

And this is also why I never build furniture. That way, I can at least blame someone else.

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11. Was the mistake trying to get on the bus fast, or just heading to school in general?

Reddit | davedawg2000

Tbh, I think this is a sign to just turn on around and head back to bed. At least that's exactly what I would do.

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12. This mistake, that could have ended much, much worse

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

How, you ask? Well, I'm sure drinking and playing with chargers isn't totally safe. But maybe that's just me trying to think responsibly.

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13. So very close to avoiding this dinner disaster, and yet, so far

Reddit | beth_md

This is why you never try and use a dish towel to move anything. That's what oven mitts are for. Am I speaking from experience? Maybe.

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14. Just never, ever trust an avocado

Finkk | Finkk

It will only lead to disappointment, and that doesn't go well with guacamole (not that you'll have enough avocado to make guacamole anyway).

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15. The sole reason your parents always told you not to leave food in the car

Reddit | DoesntLikeWindows10

Oh, just me? Well, that's fine, because I would never let this happen, so who's laughing now?

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16. And this mistake, which is a pretty honest one to make

DumpaDay | DumpaDay

You can't say it doesn't look like an iPad. And whatever that is on it looks pretty tasty, so I can't really complain about this one.

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