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12 Unexplained Situations That Totally Boggle The Mind

There are some things in this world that we can't really explain, but they're so common that we have to just accept that they're part of our lives now.

How bumblebees fly is the classic example of this, but we're not even all that sure why we yawn, especially when we see others doing it.

And because I'd prefer to keep our brains from melting, let's add these pics to that list.

1. Unless somebody just exploded in a burst of sheer pettiness, I don't know how we can justify this thing's existence.

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If I went to a party where they served this, I wouldn't ask any questions. I'd just quietly sneak out of the bathroom window.

2. Maybe this is just me, but I can't handle the fact that this guy isn't holding pasta.

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If nothing else, I guess that explains why the couple is so annoyed.

"We ordered fettucini, this isn't even close. Why is there even a whole turkey back there?"

3. I don't know if nobody told this woman how intense camels can be, or if it did this on its own, but her day is about to suck. 

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If you find yourself wondering whether getting bitten or spit on is a better option, good luck.

4. Yeah, I couldn't have said it better myself. I bet even Dinesh wishes he had an answer here.

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I have to give him credit for not giving up, though. Anybody who's willing to brave the high seas for you deserves a five-star rating.

5. I know I said we're just supposed to accept these things, but I really need to know why this priest is wearing a dog mask.

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I feel like this guy might be close to discovering the meaning of life, and I need to know more.

6. Yikes, either Disney World's gotten a lot more hardcore since I was there, or it's only the happiest place on Earth for some of us.

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I'm just glad I'm not around to hear Mickey's slurring rendition of "It's A Small World After All."

7. Yeah, this doesn't get any better when you learn that someone discovered this on their car at 4 a.m.

Reddit | ShaolinFantastic420

When you find yourself praying that people just shared a sexy time on your car, that pretty much means all your nightmares have just come true.

8. OK, I don't know who told this guy to do this, but I do know he won't be thinking "I'm a genius" for long.

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At least, I'm sincerely hoping that what he's about to go through teaches him the error of his ways. Otherwise, we're doomed.

9. Well, I guess this is encouraging. This couple's obviously gonna be all right if they both understand what's happening here.

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I know we're still wondering how we got to step one, but what's step two here? Spin around together? Staring contest?

I'm stumped.

10. Unless dude actually climbed this thing, I have no idea how he even got in this position.

Reddit | heyheyhiitsme

I really wish we had footage of him twisting around it like a fire pole as he went splat, though. I'm sure it would be priceless.

11. As impressively frayed as that charger is, I think that's still more common than having feet-hands.

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I'm guessing those are just little rubber hands you can put on your toes, but I'm not sure how this knowledge makes focusing on the charger any more likely.

12. I have no idea who designed this bathroom, but I can only guess that they have a serious hate-on for drunk people.

Reddit | 3rdLevelRogue

Because anyone who has had a few too many is destined to end up on the floor in a pool of their own vomit.