24 Pics That'll Make You Go 'Whaa?'

The internet is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, we have access to limitless information and we never have to wait to have our questions answered.

On the other hand, it's also the place where you'll be exposed to people or things you never thought could exist in nature — and not always for the better.

1. When things get lost in translation. 

Ebaum's World | Ebaum's World

I can't help but imagine what this place might smell like. Doesn't sound like a relaxing day at the spa to me. I think I'll pass.

2. Not that I'm judging at all (because you do you), but this guy has quite the set of gams!

Reddit | dbil93

No, wait, you were fooled like me. Look at it again, playa.

3. I don't know whether I'd like this a lot or would hate it with every fiber of my being.

Imgur | bobomcduffy

One thing's for sure: Ol' Bubba is having the thrill of his life.

4. Well, it is 2017. Being extra is an acceptable thing. 

Reddit | lunaticninja

I knew my poop smelled like roses. Hah, see what I did there? Once you stop laughing super hard you can move to the next photo.

You likin' what you're seein'? Well, the fun don't stop here, my friend!

On a side note, this laugh always beyond irked me. Like, just so over the top, right?

5. I don't know what's worse: the fact that he's laying on a poor animal or the fact that planking was so 2010.

Gabworthy | Gabworthy

And look at his feet, he's about to get owned.

6. Well, at first glance it seems as though they don't oversell themselves. 

Reddit | Reddit

But then you quickly realize it's just extremely unfortunate letter spacing. This is why you have someone edit your work.

7. If you carried out enough double takes to absorb everything going on in this photo, you'd have whiplash.

Reddit | --Ian--

Again, I'm stumped. Is this horrifying or glorious? I'm going to go with glorious.

8. "Look away, she speeds up. Look at her, she slows down."

Reddit | ILikeTrtlz

Nope, she's not actually doing either of these two things. It's just your brain being a tricksta, old boy.

Say whaaa?! Is this real life? Is this happening?

Even Paul Rudd is baffled, and considering he's basically immortal and doesn't age at all, you'd think he'd seen it all.

9. Well, I'm still trying to teach my daughter the difference between left and right, but maybe I have my priorities off?

Reddit | barajasr

It's never too early to touch on dark subjects with your children.

10. Meth: not even once.

Reddit | Reddit

I guess this is how far companies have to go now in order to reach the full demographic. For the fastest shave of your life, choose...

11. Hi-ho, Silver! This couldn't have lined up any better.

Reddit | mythx21

He looks so majestic, too. He's taken many a long ride through the badlands. Saved a lot of lives, broke a lot of hearts.

12. All I can assume is that this wood chipper was originally panted red or left out in the rain to rust.

Reddit | ryusomad

It's all I can assume because the alternative is Fargo.

Ummm, my brain is hurting because these gorgeous eyes cannot believe what they are seeing.

My pure (haha) soul can't handle this confusion, but for some reason, I want more so here we go...

13. You may call this a redneck invention, but I call it genius.

Reddit | KillerInstinctUltra

This is what we'll lose if people stop going into the trades. However, watch those feet, my friend.

14. When your dog is too fast for your camera.

Reddit | ree4tendies

Don't worry, I heard all you have to do is "jus’ play him a bit o’ music an’ he’ll go straight off ter sleep."

15. Little did she know her child would be called "horseface" for the rest of his life. 

Reddit | usmon

And, folks, this is exactly how things like this happen. Be canny and careful.

16. Long wait times at doctor's offices make parents super duper creative. 

Reddit | go_ask_your_father

I wonder who they were trying to summon? Likely Satan, but I don't want to assume. Looks fun, though.

Okay, now this is just starting to get weird. But I like weird.

And if you're still here, you like weird too. So keep reading on if you dare to.

17. If you don't believe in reincarnation, you will now.

Reddit | arafat0052

Who else could this be but the reinvention of Thomas Edison or Ben Franklin? I mean, this level of ingenuity is unmatched.

18. This took me too long to figure out. 

Reddit | meyekon

I will go ahead and assume you're 10 times smarter than me, though. You just have to let it sink in for a moment.

19. No one suffers like a man out shopping with his family.

Reddit | epatti0914

And if dad passes out on the Fall 2017 display, he will make a great clothing holder before you head to the change room.

20. If you can get that contour just right, you're set for life.

Reddit | garyfloyd9690

I mean, I can't say that I'm turned off by this photo. Maybe it's just me, but meh.

Okay, I think we have time for a little bit more.

Are you up for the challenge? Will you finish this journey with me? Will you be the Sam to my Frodo?

21. I agree that it looks like Mr. T, but I'm not sure what "it" is?

Reddit | billnyeisjustok

Is it a pistachio? Is it off a plant? If you know, puh-lease enlighten me.

22. I love someone who has their priorities straight and isn't afraid to try something new and exciting.

Reddit | tempal78

Would he be called an entrepreneur or a flapJack of all trades? Sorry.

23. It was the biggest crowd in history.

Reddit | Aleril_Antarai

Wait. Hold up. I think I see a little problem here. Unless it's a triplet convention I don't know about. Tsk, tsk, tsk, people.

24. Whoa, whoa, whoa! At first glance, I actually thought they were twins.

Twitter | @martian_munk

But "sister-in-law"? Somewhere, there is a man who really needs to explain his choice of mate and what drives his "type."

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