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16 Pets With More Personality Than All Of Us

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Pet owners are used to doggo derps and kitty bleps. But sometimes the stars align and something magical happens: your pet, who was caught eating a sock just yesterday, suddenly possesses the splendor of a thousand suns.

Sometimes, when I'm struggling to button my own shirt, I think of my cats' effortless style, and I resent them for it.

1. Grunge chic.

Reddit | Custergrant

Flannel shirts are pretty much all that I wear, so why does this cat look like the hottest thing to come out of Seattle while I look like a disheveled goblin?

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2. I'm suspicious of that smile.

Reddit | JohnCenaFromTS

Yeah, it's nice to have someone smile at you, but when their smile is that wide and they're staring at you unblinkingly, they clearly want something out of you.

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3. Home for the holidays.

Reddit | redd2kx

This pupper's got a solid blep going on here, but don't let that distract from the manicured coiffe, the cozy sweater, and the muted mood lighting.

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4. I call this one "The WB Mascot".

Reddit | LLMO13

Here's a perfect example of how it's easier for pets to accessorize. If a human wears this getup, they look like a 19th-century huckster. On a frog? It's perfect.

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5. 'Allo, guv'nah.

Reddit | BattleBull

I'd never have thought that a lap dog could look as dignified and stately as Winston Churchill, but I'd never seen one in a bowler hat with a pipe before, either.

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6. Takin' care of business and working overtime.

Reddit | eatdemgoods

It's pretty stressful having to commute to your high-pressure job downtown every day. The weight of the world may be on your shoulders, but that's no reason not to look dapper.

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7. Sweet and sensitive.

Imgur | Jimmystolemyjam

The soulful expression in this dog's eyes totally makes this picture. Without that face, this would just be some derpy doggo wearing human glasses and a Tupperware cup.

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8. HI!

Reddit | bods4444

I think we can safely add "Find somebody who's as happy to see you as this lizard is happy to see their owner" to the big list of life goals.

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9. Immortalized.

Reddit | XxBushMonsterxX

This little guy is clearly jazzed that his owner recognizes just how majestic he truly is. You can hang this one up in the Good Boys wing of the Hall of Canine Fame.

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10. Room for one more.

Reddit | wasea

This kitty may give a smoldering look from atop their luscious sheepskin in front of the fire place...but join them and you'll probably get badly clawed.

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11. To up the classy level, just add a violin.

Reddit | tdgonex

When I last picked up a violin, the end result was a bunch of unpleasant screeching. But this aesthetically-pleasing snake knows how to meld reptile and instrument.

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12. Smile for the camera.

Reddit | foulista

You know the feeling that you can never look normal in a picture? That your smile is always totally out of whack?

Yeah, this dog doesn't know that feeling.

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13. Strike a pose.

Imgur | on51au9ht

Whether it's a disco pose from the 70's or a Michael Jackson move from the 80s, this lizard busts a move with the kind of natural confidence that I can only dream of.

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14. Old school cool.

Reddit | ADHD_orc

If you were kitted out head to toe in the best of 1920's finery, you'd probably look pretty smug too. This is what Boardwalk Empire would look like if it was all cats.

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15. Whoa. Step down.

Reddit | adijiwa

This lizard isn't about to take any of your BS. Or maybe he's just checking out his (presumably immaculate) manicure. Either way, he looks damn good doing it.

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16. The duality of dogs.

Reddit | danpainter

Sometimes, all it takes to look good in a photograph is to put on your best smile, feel confident and most importantly, pose with somebody who looks terrible.

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