12 Things In Your Kitchen You're Cleaning Wrong

Diply 6 Apr 2016

Your kitchen is where you prepare the meals that are going to nourish you and your family. It's also the place where germs are more likely to be spread in a way that could cause sickness. The truth is that most of us are too busy to give a second thought about HOW we are cleaning our kitchen. So, here are a few things that you're probably cleaning wrong and should change immediately!

1. You're ignoring your reusable bags

StarTribune | StarTribune

A study from a university found E. Coli on bags. Think about it like this: you're putting in raw meats, you're touching dirty grocery carts and then touching your bags... and I bet it never even crossed your mind to clean those bags. Yuck! There's no use in saving the planet if you forget to save yourself too.

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2. If you have to think long and hard about the last time (if ever) you cleaned your water filter... you're doing it wrong 

Apartment Therapy | Apartment Therapy

Changing the filter is not enough. Wash with hot soapy water and dry completely.

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3. You're cleaning your cutting boards with soap and water

Cutting Board | Cutting Board

You cut raw meat on your cutting boards... so you should be using bleach to disinfect the board. Dish soap simply isn't enough.

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4. You're air-drying your cast iron pan

Dianes Food Blog | Dianes Food Blog

This is the easiest way to rust your cast iron.

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5. You're using your all-purpose cleaner on stainless steel

A Healthy Slice of Life | A Healthy Slice of Life

You're not going to get the shine and clean that you want from your steel appliances using an all purpose cleaner. Get one made for stainless steel and then wipe with the grain.

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5. You're putting all your glassware in the dishwasher

Techlife | Techlife

Vintage and sensitive glasses should be hand-washed.

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6. You're organizing your spoons in the dishwasher

Only My Best Recipes | Only My Best Recipes

Whether you're a handle up or handle down kind of person, you're probably organizing them all the same way. They're actually going to get cleaned better if you distribute some handle up and some handle down.

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7. You're not cleaning your dishwasher door

Tidy Mom | Tidy Mom

The amount of germs and grime that build up along the seal is disgusting. And then you clean your dishes in there?? NOPE.

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8. You think coffee makers magically clean themselves 

Everyday Good Thinking | Everyday Good Thinking

They don't. Descale it once a month and wash the nozzle and wipe the outside at least once a week.

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9. You're forgetting garbage disposals

Wonder How-To | Wonder How-To

Flush them out every once in awhile and remember to send down ice cubes and lemon peels to deodorize.

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10. You're being cruel to you knives

Ecostore | Ecostore

I can't say this enough: KNIVES SHOULD NEVER BE CLEANED IN THE DISHWASHER. Hand wash. Dry. And put away. RIGHT AWAY. Every time. No exceptions.

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11. Handles and knobs are collecting germs

Attic Mag | Attic Mag

Your family touches the handles and knobs on the fridge and cupboards throughout the day, everyday, spreading germs to them. You then go into your kitchen to cook and are touching the same handles. See the problem? Give them a wipedown with antibacterial spray often.

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