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24 Hilarious Husbands Who've Got This Marriage Thing On Lock

Diply 3 Jul 2018

For a lot of folks, getting married can stir up a lot of scary feelings. Sure, weddings tend to be nightmarish to plan, even when they're somehow not ludicrously expensive, but it goes a little deeper than that.

Some folks seem to think that this big step means they'll have to be super serious and change up their whole personality, but these guys prove that we never have to stop being goofy.

1. I don't know if I could get used to wearing something that isn't black or tie-dye, but I guess love conquers all.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Plus, I have to admit that not having to go through all the aisles myself would be nice.

It's fun being somebody else's problem.

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2. With all the work that goes into planning this thing, they deserve the chance to clown around when the day actually comes.

Reddit | fiddleandthedrum

After all, if this were a genuine cry for help, I'm guessing the dude would probably remember that she'll eventually see this photo.

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3. I'm not sure why this man covered his meatball tracks either, but I'm sure it's not such a big mystery to married folks.

Instagram | @will_ent

I'm not trying to snitch anybody out, but caches of hidden snacks seem to be a thing when relationships get serious.

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4. So this woman apparently wanted her husband to take a beach pic, and this was the artistic direction he went with.

Reddit | Shermanate

Somehow, I get the feeling that this one didn't end up on her Instagram. Well, at least not without some heavy cropping.

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5. Now, I just want to know who the groom is, here. Is he one of the smiley boys or the guy who's too suave for this frivolity? 

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

Either way, I think that guy is about to politely decline their invitation to a slumber party.

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6. Ouch. At least this dude's being a good sport about it if he's telling us.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

I'd like to think the cashier was like, "OK, I know she just called him 'honey,' but she's probably just being nice. She doesn't know this dude."

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7. Apparently, this is why somebody's husband didn't take the laundry out before he left town.

Reddit | StayatHomePilot

Apparently, she was gearing up to get mad about just leaving it before she saw his little contribution here.

Well played, sir. Your slick move didn't go unnoticed.

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8. Haha, I think we caught her right at the moment before she facepalmed and shook her head.

Instagram | @b0mbtweets

Although, I think the real issue here is that somebody made this shirt to begin with. Like, do I even wanna know why it exists?

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9. Well, what better place to begin a beautiful union than a tasteful shrine to Mr. Peanut?

Reddit | ynkeesouth

Between the drawing skills on display here and the lowkey rhyme he dropped, I think this guy's a keeper.

I'm just picturing a sly grin on his face.

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10. I'm with the husband who did this. You can't make cat figures lie down like this without expecting people to draw this conclusion.

Reddit | supersamness

Since we're taking about smaller cats, I'm guessing this means the scene has smaller stakes. Like Mufasa just falls and gets kinda mad.

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11. Eh, sooner or later, this guy will learn that the cashier doesn't actually care what he's buying.

Reddit | Borla002

Like, dude could wave the ring in their face and they'd just give him an annoyed look and say, "Yeah, great. That'll be $9."

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12. This is what happens when the groom edits the photos instead of the photographer.

Reddit | mikescott259

And really, I don't see how this could have gone any other way. Those shades just scream, "Please have me facing away from an explosion."

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13. Well, it's pretty obvious who the guest of honor at this wedding is.

Reddit | Victomike

And based on the bride's reaction, I'm guessing this isn't what you'd call a mutual friend. It's pretty much impossible to think of an older one, though.

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14. Somebody said their wife didn't approve of this choice of Christmas decorations, but they seem perfect to me. 

Reddit | Y7ZF

Plus, if they hold a little get-together, they can say "welcome to the party, pal" every time a guest shows up. I'm sure that won't get old.

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15. Believe it or not, there's a husband somewhere in this photo.

Reddit | Slvmoon

It's a little bit like Where's Waldo if Waldo was just trying to get some sleep instead of hiding in a chaotic crowd.

Oh crap, I think I just gave away where he is.

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16. Yeah, some lucky lady got this lovely cake from her husband.

Reddit | Thelatestarter17

Apparently, those are chocolate chip cookie dough nuggets. I know that would make the taste of my impending mortality go down a lot easier for me.

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17. This person's husband was trying to scare them, but I think that starting your day with the Cage man only makes it brighter.

Reddit | Velma_Helma

This raises an important question, though. Is the angle making him look all funhouse mirror-like or did somebody edit the photo?

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18. Well, I don't think anybody's gonna have any trouble figuring out where to put this.

Reddit | FishyNamedIshy

You'd think the guy would've written a room on the box, but I suppose this random stuff could clutter up the garage, the attic, or the basement.

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19. I'm sure this comes as no surprise, but the prank mastermind's wife had just seen IT.

Reddit | Juniejoule

Oh look, it seems like he made the creative decision to replace Pennywise's eyes with formless red voids! That's...that's great. That character definitely wasn't freaky enough already.

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20. Wow! I can see that how marrying a 3D artist would have its advantages here.

Reddit | aimanimation

I thought I was pretty cool when my cousin got married on Halloween and I showed up in costume, but I guess I'm not "outrunning dinosaurs" cool.

That's a pity...

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21. Ah, there's something to be said for a guy who treats every family photo like a photobomb.

Reddit | Gentrybean

If this family really wants to keep it real, they should make this the one that goes on their Christmas cards.

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22. Haha, I love how this guy finds a way to put the ring in every shot.

Instagram | @kalesalad

If I'm not this extra about the one I've just married, you should all be very concerned about how long it's gonna last.

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23. This is one guy's idea of cutting vents into his wife's turkey pot pie.

Reddit | wi5hbone

I approve, even if it's not supposed to look like Jabba the Hutt, but I'm even more into it if that's exactly what he was going for.

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24. Well, I guess they say that a big part of marriage is learning how to compromise.

Reddit | Terreon

I'm starting to understand why all sodas tend to be lumped together as "coke" in the South. Nobody wants to admit to selling "Yankee-devil poison."

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