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15 Super Easy Storage Hacks To Make You Feel Like A Pro

Keeping your home clutter-free and organized can be extremely difficult when you live in a shoebox-sized apartment like me. I'm forever running out of places to put things, and I dread events like Christmas and trying to find storage for the random assortment of things I'm bound to bring home.

However, with the help of the internet, I found some amazing storage hacks that are perfect for finding a place for everything and keeping everything in its place.

1. Use a pegboard for a gorgeous storage and organization system.

Fabric Paper Glue | Fabric Paper Glue

Sometimes, the only way to go is up. This pegboard organization system is affordable and super cute. Use it to organize craft supplies, kids' desks, or even in the kitchen.

2. Use a utensil tray to store and organize your beauty products.

Cosmopolitan | Cosmopolitan

If you're anything like me, your make up is strewn across your bathroom with bits and pieces absolutely everywhere. This is perfect for storing items and keeping them organized.

3. Hang your jeans using S-hooks.

Etsy | CustomCitizen

Do it like the professionals do, and use S-hooks to hang your jeans in your closest. There's a reason they're hung like this in so many retail stores. Maybe we should give it a shot, too.

4. Use a towel rack or tension rod to hold your pot lids.

Reddit | gheeboy

Lids are such an inconvenience to store. With pots, you can stack them on top of each other, but the lids? No place for them to go. This is a perfect solution.

5. Use the tab of a soda can to hang multiple hangers in your closet.


This frees up so much space in your closet. Who would have thought those little suckers would come in handy?

6. Use a wine rack and some cheap plastic drinking glasses to organize and hold markers and other supplies.

My Case Studies | My Case Studies

You could use this at a desk or even with spices and utensils in the kitchen.

7. Use an upside-down Ikea spice rack as a dual shelf/clothes rack.

Piper + Poppies | Piper + Poppies

These spice racks come in around $4 which makes them perfect for storage on a budget. I'm already thinking of all the ways I can use these in my life.

8. Keep your cords organized with binder clips and labels.

Everyday Dishes | Everyday Dishes

Nothing is worse than guessing which cord you are about to unplug, only to turn off the TV, lamp, and your computer all in one go. This is the perfect way to keep cords untangled and organized.

9. Add a stripe of magnetic tape to your medicine cabinet or wall to hold your bobby pins.

It's Superwoman | It's Superwoman

If my boyfriends finds one more bobby pin laying around the house, I'll never hear the end of it. This is perfect.

10. Keep all of your hair ties together with a carabiner hook.

The Middle Flipper | The Middle Flipper

Almost as bad as not being able to find a bobby pin is buying a 30-pack of hair ties and having no idea where they got to.

11. Use a toothbrush holder to keep all of your makeup brushes organized. 

Doodles, Dabbles, and Dreams | Doodles, Dabbles, and Dreams

Not only is this actually super cute, but toothbrush holders are also really inexpensive and easy to find. You could also spray-paint this with any color you love!

12. Store your coffee grounds in a mason jar and the top of a salt dispenser.

Reddit | ilikedirt

Not only is this more practical, but it also adds some rustic chic vibes to your kitchen.

13. Flatten your ground meat in a zipper lock bag to make more room in your freezer.

Passionate Penny Pincher | Passionate Penny Pincher

It also freezes and defrosts much faster this way.

14. Use chopsticks across a bowl so you can sit another one on top of it.

Imgur | Imgur

Fridge shelves are valuable real estate. We often run out of space, and fast. This is a great way to stack items you wouldn't normally be able to fit.

15. Add magnets to the back of your makeup palettes and hang them on a magnet board.

Laura Thoughts 81 | Laura Thoughts 81

This will keep them organized while still keeping them on display so you can admire your beautiful collection.

Let's do it! Are you ready to take your storage to the next level?


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