These Wedding Dresses Are Anything But Traditional

In a sea full of white gowns, there are a lot of women who would rather opt for something a bit more original to wear on their wedding day. Sure, it might be important for some to stick with tradition, but others would rather be true to themselves and wear something that reflects that.

After all, we get one — or perhaps two or three — weddings in our lifetime, so we might as well wear something that we are comfortable in and feel screams 'us' right? These dresses are all colors of the rainbow, and one is an actual rainbow. Check it out!

1. Dark and dramatic

Wedding Inspirarasi | Wedding Inspirarasi

For those who would rather die than wear a white gown, there are always darker and more dramatic options out there.

This dress isn't all black, like one we'll be seeing later in this post, but it does have black embellishments and beading, with a nude color to balance it out.

2. Creamsicle chic

Lovely | Lovely

Who knew that a dress inspired by an ice cream color could be so adorable? This dress is for the minimalist, who doesn't want too much going on in terms of silhouette or design, but is a sucker for a pretty pastel color.

How perfect would this be for a spring or summer wedding?

3. White with a splash of hot pink

Instagram | @merivaleweedings

For those who want to channel their inner Barbie, but still maintain a touch of tradition. You can show off that hot pink tulle underneath a classic white dress, and have the best of both words!

4. Precious petal pattern

Shopbop | Shopbop

This dress is so sweet, with a white that fades into a subtle blush color, and a petal pattern that is so beautiful. This dress is perfect for those who don't want to stray too far from tradition, but want a little something extra.

Of course, it'd look good anywhere, but this dress would especially look great at an outdoor, super-floral ceremony, don't you think?

5. Beautiful in black

Dresses For Wedding | Dresses For Wedding

Black is a chic color that represents understated elegance, and often times, those who wear black all the time don't venture into other color territories often.

It has been seen as a sort of taboo to wear black on your wedding day, but I happen to think that it can look incredible when styled right!

6. Minus the dress |

Of course, the least traditional wedding dress wouldn't be a dress at all. Women have started wearing pantsuits to their wedding in recent years, and I absolutely love the look.

Personally, I have always considered a suit as an option for my wedding. I love those floral sleeves, and the low cut of the top!

7. Bouquet of flowers

Wai-Ching | Wai-Ching

Ultimate wedding goals: have the bottom of the wedding dress match the bouquet and floral arrangements. Am I right, or am I right?

I love the rich, warm colors in this dress, the oranges and reds are so beautiful! It is such a beautiful contrast against the water in this photo, too!

8. Gorgeous garden

Marchesa | Marchesa

I'm absolutely obsessed with this dress, the colors are light but still stand out, and the fit-and-flare silhouette is stunning!

I love the hints of purple in this dress especially — they're not overpowering, and absolutely perfect! Who needs a bouquet of flowers when you are a bouquet of flowers?

9. Sheer genius

Nordstrom | Nordstrom

Feeling inspired by the likes of the Kardashians and J-Lo? Go for a sheer dress that will up the ante, adding a super dramatic and star-studded element that everyone else will fawn over.

After all, you should feel like the star of your wedding, right? Might as well dress like it!

10. Black, white, and printed all over

GODFather Style | GODFather Style

This dress looks like it came right out of a fashion mag, so it makes the perfect wedding attire for the fashionista bride.

Dramatic with a lace turtleneck, and a big, black tulle skirt underneath a white printed dress, it doesn't get more vogue than this dress.

11. Honeydew you love this color?

Instagram | @withthisring_wearemeanttobe

This color reminds me of honeydew melon, and that honestly makes it all the better.

Precious and pastel, this light green hue is the embodiment of spring and new blooms, which makes it perfect for a new blooming marriage in an outdoor spring ceremony.

12. Radiant in rainbow |

For the bride who is not afraid to show her pride, this dress is the ultimate expression of happiness and celebration.

What better way to celebrate colorful nuptials than with this tulle rainbow dress? This dress is giving me life. She works that long train effortlessly!

13. Lovely in lilac

Instagram | @weddingclub1

Lavender is one of my favorite colors, and is without question my favorite scent, so for the soon-to-be-bride who feels the same, this dress is the only appropriate dress to wear.

14. Blushing over this dress

Instagram | @heroesbeauty

What do you think is more gorgeous, the shade of blush, or the fluffy, floral detailing of the dress? I'm at a loss, but I think ultimately it would have to be a tie.

This dress is so soft and feminine, and will make the entire room blush when the bride walks down the aisle.

15. Dip-dye and gorgeous 

Felicity Westmascott | Felicity Westmascott

Diy-dye hair for a wedding? Nah, let's take it to the next level and go for a dip-dye dress! For the creative, artistic, colorful bride, this dress might be the perfect option, especially because it can be done at home and customized!

You could do the same colors or different shades of the same — the options are endless!

16. Long live millennial pink 

Yazzen Photography | Yazzen Photography

We've had an obsession over the shade that is millennial pink, and although it has always been a wedding dress color, it has gained major popularity in recent months.

This dress is the perfect shade of millennial pink, with a white veil, floral accents, and bouquet to balance it out.

17. Take a peacock at this gown

Instagram | @sersnuffs

For the bride who spends weekends at art galleries, can't get enough creative energy, and is looking to be as out-of-the-box as possible, this dress is the only option.

How did they even create that peacock?? I haven't a clue, but I love it!

Giphy | Giphy
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