There's More Where The IKEA-Inspired Balenciaga Bag Came From

Diply 26 Apr 2017

Fashion is all about being creative, original, and coming up with something that no one else has done so far. Since I work in the fashion industry, I see a lot of different themes, and I must admit, the recent oversized Balenciaga bag that resembles an IKEA bag threw me for a loop. Yes, fashion is about making the unexpected, but I admit that a bag that costs almost $2,200 which resembles one that costs under $1 was really unexpected. Yet, this isn't the first instance of a big fashion house using inspiration from well-known, super cheap brands of food, household items, and more. Curious? Continue scrolling to see some of the most ridiculous designer items that were inspired by ultra-average brands.

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Balenciaga and IKEA

People | People

This nearly broke the internet when it surfaced earlier this spring, and for good reason. Yes, the tote from the fashion house looks very similar to the classic moving bag from our favorite furniture store.

You can get the Balenciaga for just under $2,200. Or go to IKEA and get something similar for 99 cents. Your call.

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Moschino and Windex

The Fashion Law | The Fashion Law

Moschino must be a huge fan of this household cleaner for them to design a fragrance bottle after it. Don't worry, it doesn't smell like Windex, but like a fresh fusion of citrus and ylang-ylang.

Right now, the fragrance is on clearance for $57. Still, Windex is less than five bucks. Just saying.

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Vetements and DHL

Marie Claire | Marie Claire

Yeah, I don't know what to say for this one. Vetements made a shirt that originally cost hundreds of dollars, inspired by that of a mailing company, with uniforms that probably cost a fraction of the price. I mean, they've got to be the chicest postman uniforms in the world. Right?

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Moschino and McDonald's

Highsnobiety | Highsnobiety

Moschino designed their fall 2014 line with McNuggets in mind, and I mean, I guess I'm not complaining about this one. It is sort of fun, with the 'M' logo representing both brands. I sort of like it, and it makes me want fries.

Want in? Their backpack from the collection will run you $1,230. No, I'm not kidding.

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Vetements and Champion

Highsnobiety | Highsnobiety

You've seen Champion in places like Sports Authority, Modell's Sporting Goods, and... a fashion show? Champion and Vetements did a collaboration, using the logo for their own namesake.

You can get a popular hoodie from the collection for $1010. Or go for an original Champion look-a-like for $36. Again, up to you.

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Moschino and Barbie

That Chic Fashion Blog | That Chic Fashion Blog

This is sort of adorable. I'm not going to lie, I love this line from Moschino that was inspired by Barbie. Is it not exactly what you'd expect Barbie to look like irl? I'd wear anything from this line.

You can't get anything from this older collection directly, but if you'd like to spend $400 on eBay, the option is there.

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