Barber Becomes Everyday Hero After Going The Extra Mile For Autistic 6-Year-Old's Haircut

Diply 6 Oct 2017

Raising any child can be difficult, but for parents of autistic children, even the smallest thing can become a lesson in patience and understanding.

Wherever a child falls on the spectrum, each day must be carefully calibrated by the parent to match their child's personal needs and understanding.

For many autistic children, routine and familiarity is super important.

The Autism Dad | The Autism Dad

A predictable schedule helps the child stay calm and grounded, but what happens when you need to go somewhere outside the home?

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For many on the autism spectrum, sensory input can be very difficult to process, and errands as simple as toy shopping or getting a haircut can be overwhelming. 

Toys 'R' Us | Wales Online

While a parent can control the environment in the home, it's impossible to predict what might happen when out and about.

Thankfully, there has been more and more of a push over the last few years to give these families more options, such as some Toys 'R' Us locations or even entire malls offering quiet shopping hours.

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It's also important to acknowledge those individuals who are going above and beyond every day.

Facebook | Marcel Robitaille

Barber Franz Jacob of Quebec is the latest everyday hero to go viral, and it's for the simple act of cutting a boy named Wyatt's hair in the manner most comfortable for him. In the viral photo, he is shown lying down on the floor, carefully trimming, with candy all around.

Jacob has many autistic clients. When they arrive, he locks the door to prevent interruptions and carefully tailors the experience to their needs.

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Jacob isn't the first person to go viral for their special understanding while giving an autistic child a haircut.

Facebook | Jennifer McCafferty

A few months back, a photo of stylist Kaylen Barker sitting on the floor to cut a boy named Isaiah's hair made the rounds. She had found a way to make him comfortable when the salon chair proved too scary.

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