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20 People Who Won Without Even Trying

Doesn't it feel great when you eliminate your expectations and everything turns out far better than you ever imagined?

It's funny how things can fall into place with almost no effort. Even if you're not the one benefitting from it, hopefully, there are others around to bask in the glory of that moment, and maybe take a picture or two.

1. This guy chilling with his new friend.

Reddit | whattheefth

Just like that, this dude went from an average Joe just eating his lunch outside to a Disney princess at one with nature.

2. These two bonding during finals.

Reddit | gracefuego

One needed to rest his head, the other needed a place to rest his. This is how life-long friendships are made. I'm misting up over here.

3. This band coordinating their outfits with the venue.

Reddit | youmeanddougie

It was meant to be! Pack it in boys, this is as good as it gets for a band that only covers Smash Mouth and Chumbawamba.

4. This boyfriend contributing to the potluck.

Reddit | LadyMacDeath

His girlfriend scoffed at him for putting such little effort into the potluck, but guess which tray was finished first? Score one for the boyfriend!

5. This guy cleaning snow off his roof.


Not only did he clear most of the snow, his dismount was on point. Judging by his expression he totally meant to do that.

6. This dude towering over all the locals.

Reddit | pixelpoetry

You may think this is one of those forced-perspective illusions but this guy is actually just a 30-foot-tall genie enjoying a much-needed vacation.

7. These three pals posing for a photo.

Reddit | PhilthyMcNastay

If you're unsure of what makes this photo funny, look carefully at their name tags and feel free to judge my maturity level afterward.

8. This guy sporting a fruity outfit.

Reddit | Winnychan

I really enjoy this dude's fun and vibrant fashion sense. On an entirely unrelated note, I could really go for a juicy slice of watermelon.

9. This person sourcing the wrong link.

Reddit | Guatey

Mistakes were made when this person tried to finish their history project and shop online at the same time. I'll need that full link, asking for a friend.

10. This guy attempting an extreme maneuver.

Reddit | albatross49

It's a good thing this was caught on video because no one would ever believe it. Heck, look at his expression, he barely believes it.

11. This guy photobombing this engagement picture.

Reddit | tcjones54

He was hoping to sneak back to his hotel room after a night of hard partying. Maybe next time stay clear of the professional cameraman?

12. This guy taking a selfie with his dog.

Reddit | FunchSlimy

Can you tell this dog has had enough of their selfie-obsessed owner? The dog is all like, "Can you let me live?"

13. This girl taking a selfie with her cat.

Reddit | adagi0

Unlike the dog in the previous post, this cat is all about selfies with their mama. This cat is giving me life right now.

14. This kid scoring the perfect goal.

Reddit | TalonZahn

Not only did he win the game, he got back at his younger brother for finishing all the Froot Loops. Two birds, one ball.

15. This mother capturing the beauty of nature.

Reddit | joebediah

You'll never experience the full grace of a deer until you see one attempting to cross a frozen pond. Truly breathtaking, isn't it?

16. This groom transforming into an owl.

Reddit | GallowBoob

This woman had no idea she was marrying a guy from the Animorphs series. I sincerely hope you're old enough to get that reference.

17. This guy winning over the crowd unknowingly.

Reddit | SlimJones123

You don't even have to be entirely conscious to be a crowd pleaser. I was just as fun on my twenty-first birthday...I think.

18. This woman hanging with her best friend.

Reddit | jagershotzz

Nothing to see here, just a centaur casually enjoying some cookies and wine. she a human? There's evidence that may prove otherwise.

19. This man lounging on a beach.

Reddit | MobileTechGuy

I feel like this man's life choices have led him to this very fateful moment captured on film. I know destiny when I see it.

20. This dad wearing a green shirt.

Reddit | EmZee53

Look at his grin, he knew exactly what he was doing. Can you think of a better way to hide your gut in a photo?

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