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16 Pics That Hit Hard When You Finally See It

Diply 3 Jul 2018

When I was a kid, I would lose my mind trying to figure out those shiny 3D posters with the hidden image. Now, having already lost my mind, I get a lot more fun out of these "Where's Waldo" style eye puzzles. The question is...can you resist pointing it out to someone else when you share it?

1. Oh, what a quaint little street. 

Reddit | flyinghipposquared

Nice buildings, seems quiet here. I wonder what the neighbors are li— I have to go now, and never come back to this place.

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2. Well, if it isn't Mr. Ed Sheeran.

Instagram | @wastedvinez

And there's— I think that's Ed Sheeran. And hello there, Mr. Sheeran! Nice to see you today with...is that Ed Sheeran? Fancy meeting you here!

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3. I suppose it's good for any place of higher education to offer a wide curriculum.

Reddit | Crashtestdummy_not

But something tells me that this isn't a legit course and that someone just had a little too much fun reorganizing when no one else was looking...

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4. Can we all agree that this child is probably not human?

Sizzle | Sizzle

I don't know if it's a camera thing or a spawn-of-Satan thing, but either way I am 100% creeped out.

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5. The best thing about Google is its sense of humor.

Reddit | MrProfDrDickweed

I suppose it's helpful to know that the corporation that knows basically everything about us can at least crack a joke on the Street View of its server room.

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6. I can only imagine what is happening in this photo. I have so many questions.

Reddit | teramainia

Is that your child? Is this an impromptu wrestling match? "You ain't gonna like turtles no more, kid."

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7. Did you know that Disney animators used to hide all sorts of naughty stuff in the frames of their classic movies?

Reddit | pac0pac0

That being said, all their insertions were usually just innuendo, not so morbid.

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8. I actually found this one pretty easily. It brings me back to my Where's Waldo days.

Instagram | @fourhousecatsoftheapocalypse

Actually, having a Waldo Christmas ornament would actually be pretty fun. Slap it on a rotating tree and you've got yourself a whole new game.

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9. When the dog is barking and you don't know why...

Instagram | @allisonmary2

Maybe it doesn't like the TV show? Is that Dancing With The Stars? I hear ya, pooch. That show su— oh my god!

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10. Oh, I get it. The remote shouldn't be covered in rubber like that.

Me.me | Me.me

I mean, it's lame. Plus, it increases the size of the controller. You'd need to be some kind of contortionist just to hold it!

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11. This is truly impressive. I wonder how long it took him to get it so strong and healthy?

Instagram | @gymmemesofficial

It seems mutually supportive, too. Like at the end of the day, they really get each other.

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12. Frankly, this is just unfortunate.

Reddit | ReigningHate

I'd like to spend a lot more time talking about those sunglasses, the fact that this school weirdly looks like the one from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and other details. But I'll keep it brief.

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13. This would automatically be my favorite class.

Reddit | oscarswel

Today's lecture, "Who's A Good Boy?" will be followed by some Q&A and some tummy rubs if there's time. Plot twist — there's always time.

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14. I'll give you a hint — it's not the fact that the one guy is wearing socks and sandals. 

Instagram | @nochillvines

It's more of a "Gollum" kinda vibe, or maybe a Ninja Turtle scoping out a new pizza joint.

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15. I've looked at this pic so many times, and every single time I have to figure out what's going on all over again.

Reddit | jmankruse

You'd think I'd remember once the cat was out of the bag.

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16. So this is some kind of double-werewolf deal?

Facebook | Sarcasm

And in broad daylight, no less. I suppose that's useful, but realistically, you'd want at least one of you to be human, if only to supply the other with treats and pick up poo.

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