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16 Pics That Will Have You Doing A Double-Double Take

I watch Dr. Phil every day after work. He usually asks his guests to take a second look at their lives and the choices they've made. Thankfully, today, all you have to take a second look at are these pictures, and I hope you enjoy them.

1. I didn't notice either

Imgur | youandmeandrainbows

I definitely had to look closer at this one. It reminded me how unskilled I am in the music department. How bassoon did you notice it?

2. She lifts

Awesome Inventions | Awesome Inventions

At least it looks like she does. For me, the gym is a scary place. The only thing I lift is food to my mouth. That counts, right?

3. Trippy socks

Reddit | Virt_McPolygon

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "toe socks." If I were wearing these, I would be startled every time I looked down at my feet.

4. The future is closer than you think

Imgur | Jafooley

We take small steps toward the future every day. Who knew you could find it while shopping at Costco? Some styles never change.

5. Almost, buddy

Boredom Therapy | Boredom Therapy

He could almost be Waldo's dog. Unfortunately, he left behind too much incriminating evidence. His hide-and-seek game is much better than mine is. Please teach me your ways!

6. That doesn't look comfortable

Reddit | bvuuu

I've heard of smelling somebody's hair, but never with that much dedication. If that were me, I'd most likely follow it with a giant uncomfortable sneeze.

7. Maybe it's Fluffy's cousin?

Reddit | AnotherDee

Ever since reading the Harry Potter books, I have always wanted a multi-headed dog. It looks like the closest thing I'll get is these two puppers!

8. I support the girl on the left

Reddit | AWildGranola

Not all kids are human, and not everybody has them. The woman on the far left really speaks to me. No kids, yet.

9. Gotta put it somewhere

Imgur | trapazoid

Talk about using what you have. Who knew a corndog could fit in there? It looks like there is a feast to be had. So jealous!

10. Sometimes, in the inner demons come out to play

Twitter | @David_reymundo_

Eye makeup is supposed to make things pop, but this looks like something straight from a horror movie. Change the angle!

11. That's not a ponytail

Reddit | kykinson

Who knew that the perfect beach photo involved another person and perfect timing? Don't worry, girl: I can't get my hair to look that good without someone's help either.

12. Timing is everything

Acid Cow | Acid Cow

Wow! I'm not sure if this photo looks like a woman popping out an all-grown-up baby, or if it looks like the other one is wearing an independently thinking cap.

13. Caught red-handed...I mean, red-mouthed

The Berry | The Berry

It looks like these two really enjoyed some red popsicles together, and by popsicles I mean they had a really fun time. She won't forget it tomorrow.

14. The sequel to Freaky Friday

Reddit | aerial1981

Or the perfect companion to nap beside. I wonder if switching heads with a dog would make eating any faster? One can only keep dreaming.

15. Blending in can be good

The Chive | The Chive

I don't really care that I'm not good at blending my makeup. But I aspire to be so good at blending in that I can take a nap almost anywhere.

16. Two-faced

Boredom Therepy | Boredom Therepy

I can see two faces in this poll. I wonder if it's anything like the trees in Game of Thrones. Hey, tree, what happens in season 8? Please, just tell me!