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40 Pictures That'll Hurt Your Brain

It's no secret that the world is full of crazy stuff — and the internet seems to capture that stuff perfectly and frequently!

I don't know about you guys, but the weirder it is, the harder my brain hurts. But, you know, in the fun way, like when you eat a bunch of ice cream really fast.

So if you're into that, you'll love this!

1. If you've seen Stranger Things or The Frighteners, you'll understand why this freaks me out so much:

Reddit | reddit

2. Yes, this does seem urgent. 

Reddit | FosterRyans

What would you do if you received an envelope of urgent beans in your mail? Me? I get them all the time — bean there, done that.

3. This one took me a while — why does he have a severed hand in his hand?!

Reddit | The-Fonz-sat-on-it

Turns out the other player has one black sleeve on. What an illusionist.

4. This guy has legs for days.

Imgur | charsiubox

Again, took me way too long to figure out.

5. ♫ "Well, this is a story all about how my truck got flipped turned upside down."

Reddit | javems

"I'll take a look at your truck, can you pop the hood?"
"I...I don't know."

6. Probably the road of choice for that flippy truck.

Reddit | asstits

Located in Belgium, this is widely regarded as Europe's most confusing road — and for good reason. Got enough signs there?!

7. Who wore it better?! 

Reddit | [deleted]

They say, "When you've got it, flaunt it," and it looks like that guy totally realized that he's got it. Let's just reflect on his outfit a bit.

8.  I both want and don't want to see what's behind that mirror...

Imgur | nullbr

9. Alright, who let Tim Burton design the hallway?!

Reddit | KevlarYarmulke

Apparently, that is a level floor, and it's only painted to look warped. I'd probably still fall over, like, three times at least.

10. I think this guy's beard is coming in nicely, but others claim it's looking a little ruff.

Reddit | barscarsandguitars

You know your dog is actually your best friend when it literally completes you!

11. And for every man with a dog for a beard, there's a woman with a dog for a lower body...or something like that, I guess.

Reddit | MadHatter69

Like one big, happy, half-dog family.

12. Oh, so that's what's under those manhole covers... Wait, what?

Reddit | oliver9129

This reminds me of some apartments for rent in NYC — although, one this big in that city would still be thousands of dollars.

13. There's no time to solve your weird door riddles when I have to pee, alright?!

Reddit | mollykate86

Apparently, the women's bathroom is actually the one on the right. Good luck getting that right the first time.

14. Would anyone like some cone-a-cola? 

Reddit | godofkratos3

This hurts my brain for different, more disturbing reasons. There are enough crazy people out there to make me think that someone would love this.

15. You can barely see those guys, but this is legit!

Reddit | Dasupalouie

This is a gigantic boulder in Alberta, Canada. Almost like a mountain in and of itself! They look like little elves next to it!

16. And lastly, I'll leave you with a fun little game that I probably spent way more time looking at than I should have.

Reddit | @emoposer

Now I'm both hungry and starting to sneeze. Yes, I'm allergic to ice cream.

17. This illusion has plagued me for years.

Instagram | @kalesalad

It's like every time I do my makeup and check my look in the mirror, it's just all one big lie. A LIE.

18. Benjamin Button, everyone.

Reddit | [deleted]

This took me too long to figure out...

19. Hard to unsee.

Reddit | [deleted]

Perfect timing can be hilarious, gotta say.

20. An old woman with a man's head?

Reddit | lolihull

21. "Had to do a double take. Thought my dog was a furry bodybuilder for a second."

Reddit | SawEmOff44

Can you even imagine?! He's cute either way, but I bet this good boy has the biggest muscles.

22. This sculpture in New Zealand looks like a cartoon!

Imgur | Phonedojo

Seriously so cool.

23. The next time you think age is more than a number, think again.

Twitter | @b_flex14

Wow, Gramps. You're not half-bad. I can't be certain that I'd say "No" if he asked me out.

24. What on earth even is this?! 

Imgur | d88b

The more I look at it, the less I can decide if it's horrifying or cute! Maybe both? Either way, I wouldn't want to see that IRL.

25. Aww, our favorite little meme is all grown up.

Instagram | @memes

Just kidding, this isn't her. But it doesn't mean I don't want her to get a Rimmel campaign later in life.

26. Which person is being held here!?

DumpADay | DumpADay

27. This one might take you a while to figure out

Reddit | swimshoe

Hint: there is no lake or reflection in this picture.

28. I would have had a heart attack too!

iFunny | iFunny

29. And you thought dinner was waiting for you...

Reddit | StefanodesLocomotivo

That "steak" has some grit to it. Could you imagine what it would feel like to swallow? Ouch!

30. Picture or no?

Reddit | tek0011

This may take you a few seconds.

31. That's one rock hard bod!

Twitter | @danbharris

He must have really cut down on the tuna to get those cut abs!

32. I can't tell whether it's the ears or the rectangular shape of the head/neck area...

Reddit | SovietSteve

Still haven't figured this one out.

33. Here's a cool illusion that would end in disaster if I saw it on the road

Reddit | EdithSuggs

What happened to using the "children playing" signs?!

34. This pepper looks like someone making a fist.

Reddit | designgrl

35. I mean, maybe? Maybe it's park.

Reddit | Reddit

Sometimes, though, and only sometimes, it's memory origin space — but I don't need to tell you that. Wait, what are we talking about?!

36. This cat is definitely sick and tired of being told that he looks just like Adam Driver.

Wikimedia Commons | Wikimedia Commons

After his resemblance pictures went viral, he was adopted and officially named Kylo Ren!


Reddit | Iwishiknewwhatiknew

Move over Big Bird. There's a bigger bird in town!

38. Where are your...edges?

Reddit | pixeldustnz

Someone didn't think that wardrobe choice through.


Reddit | FPTN

Fee-fi-fo-fum! But where's the beanstalk? And what's with all the hexagons?!

40. Something's fishy about this bank machine...

Reddit | GeoffPortnoy

Could it be the fish? Perhaps. I'm no financial planner, but I don't think taping a trout to an ATM will make great returns.

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