Motherhood Quotes That Have All The Exhausted Moms Saying 'Same'

While there are many empowering moments that make it an absolute honor to be a mom, there are also some moments when moms aren't quite sure they signed up for the right gig.

It's definitely an adventure, but luckily no mom is in the sometimes sinking boat alone. We've compiled quotes that will have most mothers feeling like they're preaching to the choir.

A quote for moms who are always putting literally everyone else first.

In the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, when Goldilocks tries the Mama Bear's porridge, it's cold.

In the story there's no explanation as to why Mama Bear's porridge is so cold, but as most mothers can figure, it's probably because she was busy taking care of everyone in the family and she didn't get a chance to eat anything.

This quote is for moms that know who it's the little things that count.

The seemingly mundane things are like a pot of gold for moms who can barely squeeze in a lunch break, or even a second to pee in peace.

This quote is for the moms who know who's really in charge.

While moms are definitely parents, when it comes to the kids, sometimes the chain of power gets a little mixed up and suddenly mom is the one grabbing a bag of snacks for the little kings and queens.

This is for moms who are wondering if traditional mom duties are forever.

It's been assumed for years that it's a mom's role to make meals, but many of those moms are probably wondering when they'll finally get a break.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if any of these quotes resonate with you or a mom in your life.

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