38 People Who Said It Better Than We Ever Could

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Some people out there are talented enough to capture the essence of the human experience with their words. They say what we're all thinking but what we can't — or won't — articulate.

They are our collective voice, and despite the fact that we may not always agree with them, we know that they're also kinda right...

Grandpa summarized how most of us feel about kids who aren't our own

Twitter | @meezy

There is enough indifference in those two letters to last that baby till it's old and gray.

And we've got a real thinker of a question for Linda

Twitter | @lukemitch111

Perhaps, like some people who are unable to see color, Linda is unable to see the blue mold that has infested the pizza dough.

Annie took full advantage of the obvious joke

Twitter | @LeRouge_A

I think we all know that someone had to say it, and it wouldn't have been even half as funny if her name wasn't Annie.

This person who spoke for most of womankind with one single meme

Twitter | @anygirlfriday

This mom isn't gonna stand for any tomfoolery  

Twitter | @virtualcry

They may not see it as a gift now, but who doesn't look back fondly on their parents' reprimands as though they're precious gifts?

When this person summed up social media narcissism 

Twitter | @MedievalReacts

Do people actually like their own photos on purpose? Seriously guys, what is that one extra like really going to do for you?!

This person made a freakish but accurate observation

Twitter | @sagemyster

Hey, if my stomach could look like a famous person's face instead of looking like a bag of dinner rolls, I'd take it!

This teacher doesn't believe in sugarcoating it

Reddit | Neawalkerthebear24

Look, the kids have got to learn sooner or later about the harsh realities of life. It doesn't always pay to be flashy.

This person perfectly described what's actually going on in this clip

Reddit | bdun21

Anyone who's ever stepped on a piece of Lego knows there is no way the hydraulic press comes out of this one unscathed.

This person gave some good advice

Reddit | PaesChild

No, seriously though, get yourself a refund while you're at it. Those things look like E.T. got to third base with the Silver Surfer.

This Domino's Pizza employee who said to all without words 

Instagram | @texetposts

This coworker isn't going to hide the true nature of her romantic relationship 

Instagram | @b0mbtweets

I'm not saying this applies to everyone out there, but you've gotta admit it's a little funny.

This person who only gives out the best advice

Reddit | TheBlewAwful

This person who identified yet another commonality between us and primates 

Twitter | @tori_harkin

I wish I was half as photogenic as that li'l monkey. It puts my pics from my summer abroad to shame.

This person and their slightly disturbing realization

Me.me | Me.me

I can't even think about what I'm going to eat for lunch tomorrow without getting anxious, so you'll have to forgive me while I block this tweet out forever!

This dad made his point in the best way possible

Twitter | @bailee_xox

You know what they say, "the medium is the message!" Okay, maybe they don't say that. Maybe the only people who say that are Marshal McLuhan and your college Media Studies prof.

This person who articulated the plight of anyone who doesn't have health care insurance 

Reddit | AlshonsJeffery

Looks like that turned into one expensive camping trip. Just the pharmacy component alone is more than four years of college.

This person somehow delved deep into the human condition in under 40 characters

Twitter | @Lmao

If this isn't the most accurate expression of our state of being, then I don't know what is.

This person who took a stand 

Twitter | @KillianTrill

It's everyone's duty to stop these vile acts against one of our most precious resources. Stand up to pizza abuse! Don't be a bystander!

This person who pointed out the obvious

Twitter | @_calgle

No one likes smug rhetorical questions, especially when the purpose is to make everyone aware how much their life pales in comparison to the asker's.

The person who wrote this greeting card

Twitter | @jasonsantamaria

This is the truest and most sincere sentiment ever to be written in a card. Never has the human condition been so perfectly captured.

This fortune cookie writer who knows all of us on a very deep level

Reddit | Wrathofvulk

This dad's brief but accurate reflection on the European empires

Twitter | @gothistani

This person who's just plain accurate

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This kid who put it as eloquently as the situation would allow

quickmeme | quickmeme

Austin points out the real issue at play here

Twitter | @AustinOIiver

Jeez, with a post like that, it might be time for Beverly to turn her gaze inward for some quiet reflection.

This Android-hater accurately summed up iPhone loyalty 

Twitter | @carysbishopx

I'm on team Android, and even I get this. This is what brand loyalty does to you — you might be brainwashed, but at least you have iChat.

This individual who pointed out the overlooked but obvious truth

Twitter | @JhonRules

This person recognized the awkwardness of Facebook condolences

Twitter | @Jesssicle

I can't be the only one who thinks giving your sympathies for the death of a loved one in a Facebook comment is weird!

Audrey, who speaks for everyone who's ever felt intense physical attraction to a carb

Instagram | @kalesalad

There is no satisfaction as complete as when you give yourself, body and soul, to garlic bread.

This person who posed a question definitely worth asking

Twitter | @danicarrington

This ex who had a different side to the story 

Twitter | @AdrianMooreII1

It just goes to show that the phrase "we can still be friends" is the biggest lie on the entire planet.

This person who had the perfect response 

Tumblr | prawnzer

This person who expressed what most of us have wished we could say at least once in our lives

Instagram | @whysext

This person who offered some useful grilling advice 

Twitter | @EdTheJoker

This kid who expressed how most of us feel about Valentines day cards 

Reddit | kilodude

This loyal individual gave Taco Bell the praise it deserves... I think...

Reddit | Skyccord

If you ask me, it's not about the money, it's about whether you want to get diarrhea or E. coli. So yeah, I'm with Taco Bell.

Ahh yes, and finally, none of us will ever be able to say it as well as Gordon Ramsay 

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