Artist Creates Little Free Art Gallery For Her Neighborhood

It's 2021, and doing anything remotely fun is kind of out right now. We can't gather anywhere, travel, or do anything that isn't grocery shopping, really.

One neighborhood decided to try and bring some joy to this weird time. If you can't go to a museum, bring the museum to you!

Twitter user @sielju came across it in neighborhood in New Mexico.

Seeing little pop-ups like these isn't all that unusual, but they're usually for free library books. This one, however, has a tiny art gallery inside of it, complete with a small man!

She quickly tracked down the artist.

Unsplash | thom masat

Gabriele Teich is the creator of the little gallery, and she Zoomed with Siel to explain why she made the delightful little museum-away-from-a-museum.

(Gabriele has an Etsy for her art, which you can check out here. Just an FYI from me to you.)

She was inspired by a similar gallery in Seattle!

After reading about artist Stacy Milrany's installation in Seattle, Gabriele knew she had to build one for her neighborhood in New Mexico.

"So I contacted Stacy and she said, of course, go ahead, make one!" she told Siel.

She wants other artists to add to the gallery!

"[...] I’m just hoping for people to discover it or hear about it and spread the word."

If you're located near Falcon Drive in Las Cruces, New Mexico, you can add your tiny painting to the tiny gallery!