Rebel Wilson Says Her Goal Was 'Never To Be Skinny' After 60lb Weight Loss

While we all love a big transformation, it's important to be aware that the real goal should always be health and happiness and not a number on a scale!

Actress Rebel Wilson is definitely aware of that, as she discussed in a new interview following her Year Of Health that resulted in a massive transformation between 2019 and 2021!

Rebel Wilson is one of the few people who had a good year in 2020!

The actress declared early on that 2020 would be her Year Of Health, and she stuck to it, working hard over the course of the year to hit her goal weight, which was down 60 pounds from her starting point.

In a new interview, Rebel has made it clear that the number wasn't the most important part to her.

"My goal was never to be skinny," Rebel said.

"I don't focus too much on the numbers. I still look like me. I love being curvy and I'm still super curvy but just a healthier version. That was my goal," she went on to say.

Now that's a healthy attitude!

"I just try to encourage everyone to be the healthiest version of themselves," Rebel added.

"That doesn't necessarily mean being smaller in size, it just means not engaging in unhealthy behaviors. I like to think I look good at all sizes," Rebel said.

We'd definitely have to agree with that — Rebel has always been gorgeous!

"At the end of the day, I wasn't treating myself with love," Rebel said.

"I'll have dessert once or twice a week now. It's just not an everyday thing, Having a sweet tooth will always be my vice, but online shopping has crept up a bit!"

We love to see Rebel feeling healthy and happy!

h/t: People