10+ Movies We Loved As Children But Have Terrible Reviews

I once met someone who told me they didn't like The Mighty Ducks. I was flabbergasted. "But it's a classic!" I remember exclaiming in awe. "How could anyone not like that movie?"

As it turns out, quite a lot of people. I kept digging and managed to come up with 10+ movies we loved as children but have terrible reviews. Brace yourselves: this is going to be hard to hear.

*Space Jam*

I don't see how it's possible that a movie starring two legends such as Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny could be anything but a smash-success.

Unfortunately, the majority of critics found the film more annoying than endearing — as well as a ploy to sell merchandise.

*3 Ninjas*

This film was a staple in my home, I must've watched it at least a hundred times as a kid (slight hyperbole).

The film's wider audience wasn't as accepting, reducing 3 Ninjas to nothing more than an obvious attempt to cash-in on The Karate Kid's momentum.

*Ace Ventura: Pet Detective*

Is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective a product of its time? Unquestionably. Are there elements of the film that don't hold up particularly well under today's scrutiny? Absolutely.

Still, this movie is quintessential Jim Carrey. It deserves better than a 49% Tomatometer score.


Robin Williams' take on The Absent-Minded Professor was absolutely heartwarming. I remember being captivated by Flubber and seriously impressed with the CGI.

After reading some of the reviews, I think I may need to revisit this film for myself.


The '90s was (among many things) the era of the animal movie. Kids and adults alike just couldn't seem to get enough of their household pets playing out on the big screen.

I always remembered Beethoven as one of the best. Clearly, I'm mistaken.


Hook is a film that seems to polarize critics and casual audience members.

According to the Audience Score, Hook boasts a modest but impressive 76%. On the other hand, the Tomatometer only registers 29%

What do you think — is Hook a classic?


It absolutely shocks me to discover that the Audience Score is actually lower than the Tomatometer for Casper.

I watch this movie every single October as part of my Halloween Haunt — it's a phenomenal film! These 250,000-plus people obviously have no idea what they're talking about.

*The Little Rascals*

I'm not saying that I hold The Little Rascals in particularly high regard but it certainly has its moments.

Not according to credits who accused the film of being derivative and lacking any semblance of imagination whatsoever. Ouch.

*My Favorite Martian*

My Favorite Martian is based on the popular classic sitcom that bears the same name.

Unlike the original, both critics and audiences alike found the film to be juvenile and desperately lacking all nostalgic charms that made the TV series so endearing.

*Billy Madison*

I'm trying to remain impartial but I just don't understand this at all. Who doesn't like classic Sandman?!

Adam Sandler is a comedy legend, but he wouldn't be where he is today without Billy Madison. That's just a cold hard fact

*An American Tail: Fievel Goes West*

If you ask me, Fievel Goes West is one of those rare instances of a sequel being far better than the original.

However, if you ask the critics, they tend to contradict my assertion.

*A Night At The Roxbury*

A lot of the humor in A Night at the Roxbury went right over my head as a kid. In fairness, I was nine at the time.

The critics absolutely torched this movie, which has since gone on to achieve cult status.

*Hocus Pocus*

Overall, the critics' consensus surrounding Hocus Pocus is just a shade above mediocre.

Many found the film to be campy, and the cast of characters to be completely forgettable. Maybe they'll get it right if we ever get to see a sequel!

*Dennis The Menace*

Dennis the Menace was the first film to introduce me to the comedic genius of Walter Matthau and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Both audiences and critics agree that this movie is a poorly done rip-off of Home Alone.

*D2: The Mighty Ducks*

Before you say anything, just stop. D2 is infinitely better than the first installment of The Might Ducks for one obvious reason — The Bash Brothers!

Who cares if they basically just reworked the plot of the first film on an international level?