Marriage Quotes That Have Us Saying 'Yup, That's My Husband'

Caitlyn Clancey 11 Feb 2021

This one is for all the spouses out there who have to deal with a husband. We hear you, we see you, and we understand you, because we are you.

If you find yourself constantly wondering what the heck you got yourself into after saying those fateful words — "I do" — I think you're really going to enjoy these quotes.

1. Sounds about right.

It's a wonder how they can't find time to do things that we ask of them, but are remarkably able to carve out a few hours to do whatever they want to do by themselves.

Husbands are amazing like that.

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2. Works better than a cloak of invisibility.

We also like to hide other things, like putting their shoes in the closet, folding up their pants and putting them in the drawer, and hanging their car keys on the car hook.

Spouses are basically unappreciated magicians, when you really think about it.

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3. The evilest thing possible.

Then you get to watch with sick satisfaction as your weary husband has to grunt and grumble his way through six layers of throw pillows on the bed, only to find you've hidden even more pillows underneath those!

That'll teach you not to track mud into the house again.

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4. Oh, look who suddenly needs me.


When we're at home and I'm trying to tell him how to do something, all I hear is how he doesn't need my advice and he's perfectly capable of doing things by himself, thank you very much.

But as soon as that man walks into a GAP store, suddenly I have a wealth of knowledge that is simply beyond his mental capacity. How very interesting.

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