Kitty 'Pawrents' Treat Their Cat To Her Very Own Custom Room

Let me ask you this: How much do you love your cat? Do you spoil him or her? Do you buy him special treats and feed him by hand? Well, okay, that's nice.

But does your cat have his own room in the house? If not, then your cat isn't as loved or spoiled as this cute feline, ha, ha!

Met Ryan and Kelsey.

They are newlyweds and DIYers — and they really adore their cat, Stella.

So much so that they decided to give her a special room in their house. Yes, you heard it right. This couple created a room just for their cat.

If that's not pure love, I don't know what is, ha, ha!

Okay, to be fair, they didn't give Stella an actual room in their house. They decided to turn an empty place underneath the stairs in their home into a room for the cat.

This handy couple turned this idea into a cute little project.

And it only took a couple of days to complete. You see, this couple is already very creative. They transformed their first home from builder-grade to custom-made.

So it's no wonder that they saw an opportunity to use an empty space and seized it.

They wanted to give Stella a special place to call her own. After all, she is very much loved and equally spoiled. Awe!

The young couple adopted Stella when she was just five-weeks-old.

And after five years together they felt it was time to treat her to something so unique. Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest thing I've heard all day.

Now, look at her! Doesn't she look like she fits right in there?

OMG, I can't get over how gorgeous this space looks. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. I bet she loves this place, too. I kind of envy her.

They even made a special door for Stella's room with a unique feature.

Do you see it? Isn't that so adorable? She can have some privacy with the door closed, hee, hee. That is one lucky feline if I've ever seen one.

I've got to admit something to you, this cat's little room is nicer than my entire house.

It's so bright and pretty. I bet Stella really enjoys her time there. I wonder if she knows how much her "pawrents" really love her?

So what did I tell you? Isn't this absolutely amazing?

First of all, I love their entire house. And second of all, what a lucky cat, huh? Can I move in there too? Would you spoil your cat like this? I want to know.