10+ Uncomfortable Movies Fans Admit They Regret Watching

I like to think that I have a pretty strong stomach when it comes to movies. But more often than not, my nerves of steel end up being reduced to a whimpering puddle of regret.

That's why I've gone and compiled 10+ uncomfortable movies fans admit they regret watching. A fair warning: many of these films are incredibly disturbing and hard to watch.

*Grave Of The Fireflies*

This is definitely one of those movies that you were probably allowed to watch as a kid.

Had our parents been privy to what was actually going on, there's no way they would have exposed us to such horrors at such a young age.

*The Devil All The Time*

This film boasts impeccable acting performances from Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgard, and Robert Pattinson.

But that didn't change the fact that many of us had to sleep with the lights on for days after watching it, as one Reddit user so eloquently put it.

*Cannibal Holocaust*

What's most unsettling about Cannibal Holocaust is what happened behind-the-scenes.

The actors were left stranded in the jungle for weeks at a time and forced to participate in things they really didn't want to do. You can read all about it here.

*The Witch*

Even the most vetted and accomplished horror movie fanatics tend to balk at watching The Witch.

One such fan has said that after watching this movie, she has never been able to look at crows (or goats) in the same way again.

*A Serbian Film*

If you haven't seen A Serbian Film — please don't. As a matter of fact, nobody should ever see this film.

It is unquestionably the most violent, brutal, and all around awful films that has ever come to be. You can't unsee this movie.

*Funny Games*

Funny Games is supposed to be a critique of violence in filmmaking and intended to explore why audiences seem to enjoy acts of brutality, under the right circumstances.

Rationalize it however you like — this movie is messed up.


One Reddit user has described Suspiria as having "so many disturbing scenes, the first time I saw it I truly needed to cover my eyes at certain parts."

Having seen the film myself, I couldn't agree more — especially the dance contortion sequence. Gross.

*Old Boy*

When trying to decide the most shocking or disturbing film of all time, few are held in higher esteem than Old Boy.

Those final ending scenes are enough to scar anyone for life. It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

*A Clockwork Orange*

Watching any kind of assault scene play out on film is never a comfortable experience and the scene in A Clockwork Orange is no exception.

It's so drawn out and over the top that it's enough to make you never want to watch this movie ever again.

*American History X*

On the whole, American History X isn't all that disturbing or violent.

However, the infamous curb-stomp scene continues to give generations of moviegoers nightmares. Without a doubt, it's easily one of the most horrific sequences in modern film.


If Jaws made an entire generation terrified to go back in the water, then in a similar fashion, Hostel made gaggles of Millenials think twice about hopping on a plane.

As a traveler, this film horrifies me beyond explanation.

*The Boy In The Striped Pajamas*

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is arguably the most heartbreaking, utterly devastating film to be released in the last decade.

One time through is more than most viewers are able to take. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

*The Human Centipede*

What kind of sick human being came up with the plot for The Human Centipede? The concept alone is enough to make you sick.

This is exactly what happens to the majority of moviegoers who dare subject themselves to this 'film.'


If you're looking to watch one of the goriest, suspenseful, and just straight-up psychologically twisted films of all time — Audition is the movie for you.

What's most enticing about this movie is how it evolves from a romance to a horror movie before your eyes.

*Requiem For A Dream*

Reddit user murderhelen saw Requiem for a Dream at the ripe age of 13. "I was mildly traumatized but I genuinely think schools should grow the balls to show that movie," they said.

If this movie doesn't deter kids from trying drugs then absolutely nothing will.