Blake Shelton Says 'People Still Don't Understand Why' Gwen Stefani Is With Him

When it comes to relationships, you often hear that opposites attract. You don't want to date somebody exactly like you, you want someone who brings out the best in you, and sometimes, that person is going to be someone who you might never expect on paper to work.

This seems to be true for celebrities too, like pop rocker Gwen Stefani and her fiancé, country star Blake Shelton.

Fans of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were pleasantly surprised to see the couple pop up during a Super Bowl commercial.

The ad for T-Mobile consists of Gwen Stefani describing her ideal man to Adam Levine over the phone, but a spotty connection causes Adam to hear pretty much every piece of what she said as the opposite. Adam decides to set her up with their fellow The Voice judge, Blake Shelton.

You can watch the hilarious ad for yourself right here!

“Of all the things that I’ve been fortunate enough to have happen in my life, I don’t know that my phone has ever erupted — I mean my phone was smoking last night,” Blake said of the response to the commercial.

“You realize, ‘Oh my God, nobody has ever really watched me win an award.’ I know that now. But everybody watches the Super Bowl. Now it’s confirmed: I know every contact in my phone was watching that game," Blake told Entertainment Weekly.

“It was funny, we had a blast," Blake said.

"When I read the script, I thought it was a great idea. I thought it was so funny. Because people still don’t really understand why she’s with me. And fair enough, right? So I loved being able to spin that out,” Blake went on.

Blake was also asked if it was fun to work with Adam Levine again, and his response was exactly what you'd expect.

“No," Blake joked about his once rival judge, "Gotta suffer for my art.”

While there are many, many reasons that Gwen Stefani is with Blake Shelton, I bet his sense of humor is pretty high up on the list!

h/t: Entertainment Weekly