10+ Major Flaws In 'The Big Bang Theory' Fans Love Ignoring

The Big Bang Theory aired its last episode on May 16, 2019. But devoted fans still love to catch episodes of the beloved sitcom.

Problem is, major flaws are revealed the more you watch it. This includes stereotypes, sexism, and even scientific inaccuracies.

We're sure Sheldon would dispute all of them!

Here are 10+ major flaws that fans love ignoring.

Sheldon is not a Taurus.

During the season one episode, “The Peanut Reaction," we find out Sheldon’s birthday is February 26th, 1980 making his horoscope the Pisces.

But when Sheldon goes on a long tangent about how fake horoscopes are, Penny says “Blah blah black, typical Taurus,” stating the incorrect sign.

The nerdy stereotypes.

The writers went hardcore on making the characters be excessively into "nerd culture".

This includes such as comics, fantasy/sci-fi movies, and various TV-shows. There were also stereotypes involving Penny being the ditzy blonde with jock boyfriends.

The inaccuracies.

Poindexter fans were outraged when Sheldon misquoted James Earl Jones' famous Darth Vader line.

Instead of saying “No. I am your father” from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, he says, “Luke, I am your father."

The unrealistic storylines.

For a show that's all about facts and science, Howard being an astronaut sure was inaccurate.

Given the fact that he's socially awkward, has medical issues, and is a nervous wreck in high-pressure situations, he never would have been chosen.

Sheldon’s supposed cat allergy.

In the early episode “The Fuzzy Boots Corollary," Sheldon has to buy a genetically-modified hypoallergenic cat so that his allergies won’t come into play.

But then in the fourth season, Sheldon doesn't experience any allergies when he hangs out with a normal cat.

Penny’s financial situation.

While it makes sense that Leonard and Sheldon can afford their expensive apartment in Pasadena, California, the same can’t be said for Penny.

According to Forbes, both Sheldon and Leonard had to have been making six-digit salaries with their prestigious California Institute of Technology degrees. Penny, on the other hand, wouldn’t make as much as a waitress.

Sheldon's lack of understanding sarcasm.

It's hard to believe that Sheldon doesn't understand sarcasm when he is constantly making sarcastic remarks.

That, and the fact that he's a genius. Despite this, Leonard holds a sign that lets Sheldon know whether something was sarcastic or not.

Sheldon’s ignorance towards women.

Sheldon should have been fired for his misogynistic remarks in the workplace in the episode, “The Egg Salad Equivalency."

In it, he makes a sexist remark, saying, “a woman is like an egg salad sandwich on a warm Texas day — full of eggs and only appealing for a short time.”

The cliches.

The romance between Leonard and Penny has been done before.

The unoriginal theme of the nerdy guy getting the hot girl reminds fans of Ross and Rachel from Friends and Seth and Summer from The O.C..

The name of Penny’s father.


In a 2009 episode, Penny confides to Leonard’s mother, Beverly, about her father, Bob.

But when Oscar-winning star Keith Carradine made his first of five appearances on the sitcom as Penny’s father, his name was introduced as Wyatt.

Some stunts are scientifically inaccurate.

As Sheldon’s nemesis, Barry Kripke thought that it would be a great idea to make Sheldon’s voice embarrassingly high for his NPR interview. He did so by filling a room of helium.

Viewers shouldn’t try this at home, though, because replacing oxygen with helium would have killed Sheldon in real life.

The jokes are dated.

The show was littered with an absurd amount of LGBTQ+ targeted “jokes.” This included Sheldon calling herself better than the previous “200-pound transvestite” neighbor.

It's unfortunate that these jokes were so easily accepted in what is supposed to be an intellectual show.

Howard's creepiness towards women.


Before Howard met Bernadette, his attempts at getting women always came off as creepy.

His weird behaviors included looking up all of the nude scenes that Penny, a budding actress, had been involved in. So weird.

The “new” technology.

While the show is meant to be ahead of its time, the technology it showcases isn’t exactly state-of-the-art.

Howard goes all-out, spending a fortune on the underwhelming 3D-printer just before it became a staple in most classrooms.

Penny’s three-day slumber.

When the guys are having their weekly Wednesday Halo night, Howard ends up staying in Penny’s bed with her friend from Nebraska.

The following morning shows Penny sleeping on Sheldon and Leonard's couch with Sheldon pointing out he needs his spot for Saturday morning TV. Did Penny sleep from Wednesday to Saturday?

The laughing track.


Most sitcoms have opted out of the laugh track, relying on their humor to resonate real laughter from their audiences.

The Big Bang Theory does have a laugh track, which feels outdated and unnecessary, forcing laughter at even the cheesiest of jokes.

Sheldon's inaccuracy.

Sheldon’s know-it-all attitude has been challenged by superfans on multiple occasions.

When Penny dresses up as Wonder Woman, Sheldon snarks that the heroine never had blonde hair. Turns out, he was wrong. The character was depicted as a blonde in the 1974 Wonder Woman film.

The lack of diversity.


With Raj being one of the few characters of color, it makes fans wonder if he was just chosen as the “token” diverse actor for the role.

They could have had a lot more diversity, especially since California is known for being so diverse.

Leonard's snoring operation.


In an attempt to resolve his snoring, Leonard decides to get surgery on his deviated septum.

But, in previous episodes, Penny has mentioned that Leonard doesn’t snore. Sheldon implied this as well when he said, “You’re a real catch compared to some snoring guy with a fridge full of lousy grapes.”