15+ Things That Aren't Quite What They Appear To Be

As you get older, your eyes are supposed to play tricks on you. But the young aren't immune from this visual trickery.

As we'll see, there's no shortage of ways that the world at large can trip you up.

Wait a second.

Reddit | samar

I could have sworn this pic showed a guy running away from the camera, Bigfoot-style. But a closer look reveals a doggo.

Take it easy.

Reddit | i_am_shattered

This lump of peanut butter looks deeply miffed that it was extracted from the jar. I guess I'd be angry if I was about to be eaten, too.

*Game of Thrones theme intensifies*.

Reddit | Balloon_911

The stalk of this pumpkin looks exactly like a dragon's head, or maybe the stylized prow of a Viking longship.

It's a cafe.

Reddit | Anaconda986

It looks like a random, jumbled assortment of colorful shipping containers. In a sense, it still is. But they're not being used for shipping anymore.

Screaming into the void.

Reddit | Foittemix_Rig

This is a fossil of the earliest known deuterostome — a big family of animals — from 540 million years ago. But all I see is a screaming mouth.


Reddit | Hirdnick

Strawberries are sweet like candy, and red — like candy! This strawberry's trying a little too hard to look like a Swedish fish, though.

Soup strainers.

Reddit | dhidon

This street sweeper thing has an adorably bug-eyed face along with a big mustache that's frankly quite impressive.

Take home with you.

Reddit | Eightloam41

Take the left side of the image out of the equation and this just looks like a wooden cabin...a wooden cabin with wheels.

Still works.

Reddit | tjb4

This ancient phone looks just as surprised as I am that it's still in good working order.

Lord, grant me some privacy.

Reddit | NiecesPistols

It's so frustrating when you're just trying to use the restroom in peace, but your lord and savior is creeping on you from the door.

Anatomically correct.

Reddit | confusedfruitbat

If the human heart was green and textured like an old washcloth, it would look pretty much exactly like this.


Reddit | TheMcDeal

It's weird that the water pooled in some areas and not others, and weirder still that it took on the shape of a horse.


Reddit | hova414

Drawers need to be square or rectangular, right? Well, this parallelogram-shaped drawer clearly dares to be a little different.

My eye!

Reddit | i_am_shattered

This portable power bank looks shocked, dismayed and wounded after being poked right in the eye with a charging cable.

I just think it's neat.

Reddit | Kitchenwitch_

This is a perfectly adequate duster, I'm sure. But its real value comes in the fact that it looks like an abstract version of Marge Simpson.

Getting hungry.

Reddit | Ducknucks

Sure, this is just a pic of an open purse. But just try and tell me that it doesn't have you thinking about rotisserie chicken.

The most powerful crime lord in the galaxy.

Reddit | SkettiL3GGS

Is it just me or does it look suspiciously like Jabba the Hutt is watching over this quaint winter scene?


Reddit | jr1c

Hippos kind of look like gigantic, sentient potatoes. This potato is going the other way, looking like a tiny, non-sentient hippo.

The light is melting.

Reddit | str4wbewwymiwk

The icicles suspended from this light make it look like the light itself is melting. It's like a bad trip.

The beach at sunset.

Reddit | coconutpiecrust

This looks like crashing waves, right? Look a little closer and the waves look a bit...hairy. Turns out it's actually a dog's coat.

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