10+ Of The Worst Parenting Decisions In TV History

If you're looking for parenting advice, it's probably a good idea to keep your head in the books and away from the TV.

That's because there are far too many TV parents making questionable decisions.

Sleeping with their children's exes? Check. Never being around? Check, check. Emotionally scarring their kids? You bet 'cha.

Keep reading for the parenting guide on what not to do.

When Karen and Ted Wheeler are MIA on *Stranger Things*

These parents are oblivious to everything that's happening.

They never know where their kids are, even when their kids are off in life-threatening situations. Really not smart.

When Aaron Echolls slept with his teenage son's girlfriend and then killed her on *Veronica Mars*.


This is just so wrong on so many levels. He shouldn't be sleeping around with his son's girlfriend, period.

But then to also kill her in the end? This son is going to need therapy.

When Julie slept with her daughter Marissa's ex-boyfriend on *The O.C.*

Her high school ex-boyfriend. This is a line no parent should ever cross.

If they do, they usually end up on The Maury Show. And while it's entertaining, it's not for good decisions.

When Hiram and Hermione Lodge have shady business dealings on *Riverdale*

Their daughter, Veronica, deserves a stable, normal household.

But instead, she has parents who are into some bad stuff and even letting Veronica get in on the action.

When Cersei and Jaime Lannister were having an incestual relationship on *Game of Thrones*.


This is the only explanation for why Joffrey Baratheon became the little monster that he is.

While Jamie's character improved through the series, Cersei remained straight-up evil.

When Bryce's parents are MIA on *13 Reasons Why*

Fans of the show don't get to meet Bryce's parents until season 2.

During the first season, Bryce is left to his own devices to throw parties, hurt women, and use his privilege as power.

Anything Frank Reynolds did in *It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia*.

While the show was about the worst people in Philadelphia, Frank still took the cake.

He once pimped out his son, Dennis, just to save himself when he got in trouble with the mob.

Whenever Peter Griffin was mean to his kids on *Family Guy*.


Meg, Stewie, and Chris deserved a father who was kind to his kids.

Instead, he would regularly belittle them and even get violent with them on occasion.

When Bart Bass faked his own death on *Gossip Girl*.

This has to be written in a parenting book somewhere: don't emotionally scar your kids by faking your death.

But since Bart was evil at his core, this decision was on-brand.

When Frank Gallagher seduced his own daughter on *Shameless*.

Frank is the opposite of a good father. He lies, steals, and isn't there emotionally or financially for his kids.

But things got really low when he tries to seduce the woman who could be his child just to get her liver.

When Dora's parents are never around on *Dora the Explorer*.

This is actually the first picture we've seen of Dora's parents.

This just further proves the point that they were TERRIBLE parents. Who lets their young daughter run around on adventures with no supervision?

When Ross got mad at Ben for playing with Barbie Dolls on *Friends*.


By doing this, he let his own fragile masculinity hurt his son.

He also had an issue with a male nanny. Ross has always been full of bad decisions, to be honest.

Whenever Judy shamed Monica on *Friends*.

It was very obvious that Ross was the favorite child in the Geller family.

Judy was constantly belittling Monica, whether it was about her weight, her fake nails, or her lack of a husband.

When Emily tried to break up Lorelai and Luke on *Gilmore Girls*.

She did so by inviting Lorelai's ex, Christopher, to her and Richard's second wedding.

She and Richard also basically blackmailed Lorelai into visiting them on a weekly basis.

When Red is verbally abusive to his son on *That '70s Show*.

It's no wonder Eric doesn't do much with his life. He was constantly belittled and bullied by his own father.

His parents even used his college fund and were unapologetic about it.

When Pam's mom dated Michael on *The Office*.


Sure, she was lonely and wanted to get back at her ex-husband, but dating your daughter's boss is a no-no.

Especially when it's Michael Scott, who ended up breaking up with her at her birthday lunch. Karma!

When Quinn's parents kicked her out for being pregnant on *Glee*.


While it's not every parent's dream to discover that their teenage daughter is pregnant, it shouldn't be the reason to kick them out.

This is the time a young girl needs love and support most.

When Moira and Johnny Rose didn't know Alexis's middle name on *Schitts Creek*.

This was just one example of how they didn't really know much about their kids.

Add in the time Moira brought home the wrong kid from preschool since Alexis "looked Chinese."

When Lorelai taped Rory's mugshot on the fridge in *Gilmore Girls*.

As much as we loved the close bond between the mother and daughter, there were times where Lorelai needed to act more like a mother and less like a best friend.

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