18+ People Who Surprised And Confused Us All At Once

Do you have a sort of quirky trait that most people don't know about? An interest, a hobby, something you own, anything that feels a little left of normal for you?

This list is all about those tiny secret oddities. From strange decor choices to the weirdest of habits, here are 16+ times that people surprised and confused us all at once.

"This porcelain gravy cat."

Because what's more appetizing than adding a glazing of cat vomit to your dinner?

"Old Sears sign I brought back to life."

I can't imagine why you'd want to but hey, it looks pretty good!

"Hedgehog bra on display as part of the World of Wearable Art exhibition."

Talk about a statement piece, the statement being 'don't even think about touching me.'

"This Vacuum Box Has a Chick With 3 Arms."

"There's an error on the ad? Just roll with it, this vacuum is so good you'll want to grow a third arm just to use it more!"

"This weird looking sign in my Dutch town that indicates it's prohibited for both dogs and horses to poop there."

This could have been two signs. This should have been two signs.

"My husband 'pre-dips' his chips before eating them."

No. Just no. This simply isn't okay. Your husband needs rehabilitation.

"This cheese vending machine in the Netherlands."

I've seen vending machines for technology, for meat, and now for cheese. Is the goal to replace all shopping with vending machines?

"This live bait vending machine at a gas station near my house."

Oh, come on now, really? No more vending machines, I'm putting a stop to it now.

"These off-brand deodorants in a shop in Ethiopia."

Off-brand or not, I'm super curious about what they think Facebook smells like.

"A hot air balloon landed right in front of my friend's house."

Hot air balloons can land anywhere so you should never rule out your front yard as a potential drop zone.

"Someone I know got their wisdom teeth made into earrings."

Of all the things that could be done with one's wisdom teeth, this is actually one of the less creepy options.

"This restaurant’s bathroom floor just isn’t doing it for me."

I can't quite tell what they're doing. Cheering you on? Supporting you? Trying to rescue you from the mirror realm?

New Boot Goofin'.

Not only is it a pair of denim shoes but they match the denim rug. Beautiful.

"Neighbors built an igloo on their day off."

Why stay warm in a house inside when you could stay warm in an igloo outside?

"My neighbor has a cat and a statue of that cat."

With a cat that pretty, wouldn't you want art of it too? Wouldn't she become your muse?

"Plant pots at local fair."

Right, because I definitely want to live my life thinking my houseplants are watching me.

"Just my neighbors taking their pig for an afternoon walk."

Oh my god. Mind if I ask where you live? I need to move there immediately, I need this pig in my life.

"The hallway to my doctor’s office features a painting depicting Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump bathing together."

Um. I'll be honest, I don't have a lot to say to this. Large portions of my brain just shut off when I look at it.

"Mailed my friend a banana today."

That seems like a lot of stamps for one banana, but then again this whole situation is very extra, so why not make it more so?

"This home has a replica birdhouse."

Most people consider their home the coziest place on earth, so why not provide that for the neighborhood birds too?

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