Quotes For People Who Gave Up On Trying A Long Time Ago

Do you guys remember what it was like to try?

Personally, I don't. I genuinely can't picture myself standing in front of my bathroom mirror in pants that fasten up, with my hair freshly washed and dried while applying make up to my face. Honestly, even just thinking about it feels like some sort of a vague memory from a past life.

If you're also the kind of person who's found your place inside a pair of well-worn sweat pants and an old T-shirt, I think you're really going to relate to these quotes.

1. I've already given up.

I remember when I was younger my dad used to actually shame me for putting on pajama pants in the afternoon because he said it looks like I've "given up on the entire day."

I wonder what he would think now if he knew I literally wear pajama pants all day every day because I truly have given up on everything, and am just preparing for when I get to crawl right back in bed.

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2. Guilty as charged.

You caught me. But to be fair, has anyone ever actually bought yoga pants with the intent of doing yoga in them?

I guarantee that 90% of yoga pant-wearers are purchasing them for the sole purpose of lounging around on the couch in glorious comfort all day long.

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3. Please and thank you.

My boyfriend just brought me home a tea and a muffin and he very quietly placed both in front of me while I'm curled up inside the fuzziest, coziest blanket we own.

He gets me.

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4. We'll call them my "going out" sweat pants.

I have two pairs of sweat pants. One is a man's pair that no longer fit my boyfriend. Those are the ones I sit around in all day and that I will often wear to bed.

Then I have another pair that were actually made for women and show that I do actually have legs under all this grey fabric. Those are the ones I wear when I make rare appearances at the grocery store.

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